AirTag Used By Owner To Help Locate Stolen Car

While initially positioned as an accessory to help people find a misplaced bag or a set of keys, Apple’s AirTag has quickly become an accessory that helps people track down their stolen vehicles. We’ve already heard a couple of stories of how the AirTag helped track down stolen scooters and motorcycles, and now it looks like we can add a stolen car to the mix.

According to a story shared on Reddit, it details how a car owner managed to track down their stolen car thanks to the use of the AirTag. In a post by u/thinkscotty, they share how they woke up early in the morning to discover that their car had been stolen. The police were called and a report was filed, and it was then they had placed a spare AirTag inside of a sunglasses holder in the car.

“So I marked the AirTag lost. It’s last showed its location as my house at 10:17pm the night before, so I knew my car had been stolen in the previous 5 hours. Less than 10 minutes later, I got a notification that my car had been found in Northlake, a Chicago suburb about a half hour from me. It was sitting in a Walmart parking lot.”

However, upon arriving at the parking lot, it seems that the thief had ditched the AirTag meaning that the Walmart parking lot was the last known location of the car. The owner was about to go home when for whatever reason, the thief decided to come back.

The car owner then called the police again who arrived promptly and arrested the car thief.

“My car was trashed. It smelled like cigarettes and weed, and there were cigarette butts put out in my floorboard. In less than 7 hours my car now looked like a hoarder’s car, I’m not exaggerating. The police had me go though all this stuff piece by piece myself to find what was mine and what wasn’t. There were several bags of stolen phones, tablets, watches, and just a metric ton of junk. I got it detailed later that day. It just felt too gross to be in it before that.”

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