Noise-Cancellation Might Not Be Coming To The iPhone 13 At All

One of the accessibility features Apple introduced to some of its iPhones is noise-cancellation. This basically helps to cut out on ambient noise that could interfere with a call’s audio quality, making it easier for users to hear what’s going on if they might be hard on hearing. However, for some reason it was not included with the iPhone 13.

Back in December, a user on Reddit was told by Apple Support that this was a known issue, suggesting that the exclusion was not intentional but rather a bug that Apple had yet to fix. However, fast forward to today, it has been suggested that this may not be a bug and that Apple had left it out on purpose.

This is according to 9to5Mac in which one of their readers shared a conversation with Apple Support on Twitter. According to the rep, they told them that “Phone Noise Cancellation” is not a feature available in the iPhone 13 models, which is why users cannot see the option. When asked if this means that the feature won’t be supported, the rep told them that they were correct.

It is unclear as to why Apple is excluding this useful feature from the iPhone 13, especially as a company that loves to tout how they try to create features that all their users can take advantage of. It was previously suggested that it could be due to changes in the hardware which is why it is not supported in the iPhone 13, but until Apple comes forward with an official explanation, it’s really anyone’s guess.

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