You Might Not Have To Report In-Game Virtual Currencies On Your Tax Form Anymore
Bitcoin is a form of a virtual currency that you can buy using real-life money, and since it can be used to pay for things, the IRS has stated that you will need to report your bitcoin transactions. This was the same logic that was applied to in-game virtual currencies, such as those used by games like Fortnite.

This Ultrasonic Bracelet Jams Microphones Around You
These days, we have plenty of devices at home and around us that are constantly listening. Take our smartwatches and smartphones for example, where they have digital assistants built into them that can be summoned without pressing a button and simply using our voice. Combine that with the rise of smart speakers and it is understandable that some people are getting increasingly uncomfortable.

Newly Leaked StarCraft: Ghost Footage Shows Us What Could Have Been
When Blizzard released Diablo 3 for consoles, it was the company’s first console release. However, in case you didn’t know, back in 2002, Blizzard had attempted to branch into consoles with its StarCraft franchise through a third-person shooter game known as StarCraft: Ghost, but the game never came to pass.

5G iPhones Might Not Have The Fastest (Theoretical) Upload Speeds
5G offers various improvements over 4G, a couple of which are its speeds where it is proven to feature both faster download and upload speeds. However, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he believes that the upcoming 5G iPhone, it might not necessarily be capable of hitting max upload speeds.


Ring App Will Soon Let Users Opt Out Of Data Sharing
Last month, it was discovered that Ring’s app had been collecting and sending user data back to companies such as Google and Facebook. Clearly this did not sit well with customers because ironically enough, for a company that sells products meant to better protect your home, they sure seemed like they were doing a poor data at protecting your privacy.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Could Be Launching This Year
When it comes to RPGs, Baldur’s Gate is one of the more popular and beloved franchises around, and there is no doubt that many gamers were probably a little bummed out when the game officially came to an end after two releases (not including expansions). However, last year, it was officially announced that Baldur’s Gate 3 is in development.

Google Could Be Planning An Apple News+ Competitor
Both Google and Apple currently offer a news aggregator service in the form of Google News and Apple News. However, back in 2019, Apple launched a premium version called Apple News+ in which it gave users access to a bunch of online newspapers and magazines for a price of $9.99 a month.

Apple Could Design Its Own 5G Antenna For This Year’s iPhone
With Apple and Qualcomm having set aside their differences, it is widely expected that with this year’s iPhone, Apple could be turning to the use of Qualcomm’s modems for 5G connectivity. However, it seems that it won’t be all Qualcomm and that Apple could actually be contributing to the design process.

Australian Court Orders Google To Reveal User Who Wrote A Bad Review
The problem with the internet is that people can use screen names to hide who they are, which in turn creates issues as these users can simply keep creating new accounts to harass people online, leave fake negative reviews about a business, and so on. However, sometimes users just want to be anonymous for the sake of privacy, and that not all reviews are necessarily fake.

Sony’s PS5 Could Cost You Around $470 Due To Costly Parts
While everyone’s waiting for the PS5 launch, it looks like Sony is struggling with the pricing for its PS5 due to costly parts, reports Bloomberg.To compare it with its previous version, the PS4 had a retail price of $399.If you take things into perspective for the current situation, you can get a PS4 Pro (the high-end offering) for under $400.Even though we consider the potential specifications (upgraded) for the PS5 […]

Google’s Pixel 5 XL First Prototype Render Shows Something Unique
We are almost 9 months away for the big reveal of the upcoming Google Pixel – but we already have a leaked image of a prototype render for the Pixel 5 XL.Front Page Tech hosted by Jon Prosser shared one of the three prototype design renders for the Pixel 5 XL.To come up with a design, Google usually makes several prototype renders and then selects on one of them. Here, […]

Rode Targets Streamers And Podcasters With Its New $99 USB Microphone
When it comes to microphones used for recording video and audio, Rode is one of the more popular brands around. You might have seen their microphones used on various vlogging setups, but now it seems that Rode wants to take on the streaming and podcasting space with its latest produce: the Rode NT-USB.

Analysts Believe Companies Could Ship 100 Million Foldable Phones By 2025
Are foldable phones the next big thing in smartphone design? Will foldable phones represent the new standard of smartphones moving forwards? That’s hard to say, but it seems over at Strategy Analytics, the company’s analysts are pretty optimistic about foldable phones, especially over the next five years.

Uber Testing A ‘New’ Way To Hail Rides…By Making A Phone Call
Depending on how old you are, you might recall that back in the day if you wanted to hail a cab from your home or office, one of the ways you could do so is by calling the cab company. Of course, these days there are apps that offer more precise locations to make it easier for both you and the driver, but Uber seems to be wanting to go […]

IKEA Uses Google Maps To Give Discounts Based On How Far You’ve Had To Travel
Due to the fact that IKEA tends to combine their actual store with a warehouse, they need a lot of space. As such, most of the time if you wanted to go to an IKEA store, they might be located out of the city and sometimes far away. However, to encourage customers to make trips to their stores, IKEA has come up with a rather novel idea.

Future Apple Watches Could Come With User Replaceable Modules
One of the problems with a lot of devices is that sometimes you get reviews where depending on the person and their needs, some may like a product, and some might not. Some might like it a lot, but wish that there were certain features that could have been added or changed. Basically, it’s hard to make everyone happy.

Samsung, LG Could Be Making Portable Monitors For Smartphones
The size of our smartphone displays have come a very long way since back in the day. However, we imagine that there probably still several instances where we wished we had a bigger screen. Now according to a report out of Korea, it seems that both Samsung and LG could be working on a solution.

YouTube TV Subscriptions Made Through Apple’s App Store Will End In March
Apple’s App Store provides a place where users can manage their subscriptions easily. This is because Apple allows users to directly subscribe to various services through in-app purchases, but the only problem with that is that companies need to pay Apple a cut of up to 30% for all in-app purchases.

Researchers Develop A New Highly-Precise, Extremely Fast 3D Printing Process
3D printing is amazing as it allows us to create all manner of objects in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, the problem with the current method of 3D printing is that it can be a bit slow, and sometimes it might not be ideal if you’re looking for higher levels of precision. However, researchers at EPFL might have come up with a solution.

New Report Claims 5G iPad Pros Will Be Launching This Year
According to the rumors, it is believed that Apple will most likely be hopping on the 5G bandwagon this year with its new lineup of iPhones. However, if a new report from DigiTimes is to be believed, it seems that the iPhones will not be the company’s only 5G product this year, as apparently Apple could also be planning the launch of 5G iPad Pros.

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