We are always looking for new talents, so if you feel like you can contribute and help us make this site better and more informative contact us. We’re looking for strong bloggers that naturally look for the latest news to share. you have to be able to question web rumors and be passionate about using mobile devices. If you can’t explain technology to your friend and parents, this might not be a job for you.

If you want to contribute as a news writer, freelance reviewer or freelance tutorial expert, contact us and show us that you are a technology expert who can help others.

Ideal contributor Profile

  • Genuine passion for technology
  • Strong communication skills
  • Great work ethics, with a good dose of pragmatism
  • Good photography abilities (for event reporters and reviewers)
  • Basic HTML knowledge (enough to format a review with tables, etc…)
  • A good sense of humor

For practical reasons, it is better if you can contribute on a regular basis, at least enough to make it worth the paperwork involved. If you want to pitch a single article, you may want to consider contributing as a volunteer.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Ubergizmo’s founders, Hubert Nguyen and Eliane Fiolet.

If you can’t contribute in a professional way, but still would like to help people like you, you can contribute in the comment section of each article and even volunteer to moderate comments. The best way to start is to participate in the discussion and show that you want to help.

Thanks for your interest!