PR agencies

At Ubergizmo we love breaking news, new product launches and playing with gadgets. So that we get to review the biggest, best and shiniest the tech world has to offer, we want to be clear – WE HONOR EMBARGOES (embargo at ubergizmo dot com). For us, it is all about the love of the gadget. So we are happy to honor embargoes, receive products for review (please check with us before sending) and even read those amazingly marketing-speak press releases. Oh! And about that email you sent – we got it. And we promise to get back to as soon as we can.

We also attend a ton of conferences. To learn more about us, and what we cover, visit our About page. If you’re a PR agency or a Conference and would like to invite us to speak, please feel free to contact us directly as well.

Email us

Feel free to contact us, but please read this first: ubergizmo is a team effort, so here’s the best way to reach us:

All pitches, review units & embargos go toeditor [at] This will save time for everyone, as you won’t need to pitch everyone in the group. Send it to this email, and it will be looked at. If you’ve spotted a factual error, contact the author directly (emails below), and CC editor [at] Someone may be able to help ASAP.

P.R blasts go topress [at] This email reaches the whole team at once and is best used for public releases or generic info. Readers can also use this email to suggest a generic story. There is no need to add all our emails into a  “blast list”. Thank you :)