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VIZIO 65-Inch Theater 3D Razor LED HDTV with Battery-Free Glasses
VIZIO has announced the company’s new 65-inch Theater 3D Edge-Lit Razor LED HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps. The company is boasting its new 3D technology, which utilizes a battery-free glasses option that’s said to cause less eyestrain than current active shutter technology found on many 3D HDTV sets on the market today. The model XVT3D650SV comes with four sets of 3D glasses and incporates the 3D processing inside of the […]

DISH Network Makes 3D Push with On-Demand Movies
In an attempt to make 3D movies and television programming more popular, satellite provider DISH Network has announced that it will be making 3D movies available as a pay-per-view for your on-demand movie watching experience, provided that you have a capable TV and the required accessories–mainly the 3D glasses. This holiday, DISH subscribers can expect to watch A Christmas Carol, Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Step Up […]

Real-time 3D Face Reproduction Using GPGPU
Sometimes technology delivers results that are rather freaky and if you’re fond of such things, check out the video after the jump. A recent demonstration by Tohto C-Tech saw a 3D camera setup used to capture a person’s face and reproduce it in 3D on a monitor in real-time. It was mentioned that an undisclosed GPGPU setup was needed in order to make it work since typical CPUs just weren’t […]

ZScape Holographic 3D Prints
Holograms are always cool and now Zebra Imaging is showing a product that uses relatively old holographic technology, but it’s still cool nonetheless. The company is able to print 3D layers on a single plate and the 3D effect can be seen when the plate is viewed under a halogen or LED light, without the need for any troublesome 3D glasses. The company is calling these prints ZScapes and it […]


360-degree 3D Camera Sees The World Like A Fly Does
We’re fairly familiar with surround sound, but this camera created by the smart folks over in Switzerland offers surround vision of sorts. The device features 100 small cameras around the sphere and allows you to see in 360-degrees in 3D. The camera was apparently modeled after a fly’s eye, which is known for being able to see in all directions. It wasn’t immediately confirmed what the camera will be used […]

Holographic 3D World Cup Games Can be Watched at Local Stadiums in 2022
If you can’t make it out to Qatar in 2022 where the FIFA World Cup is being held, Sony is proposing that local stadiums could implement Sony’s 3D televisions and displays to create an immersive experience of watching the game at your own local stadium in real-time. This would make it seem like you’re watching the game live in Qatar, but you’ll only need to travel to your local stadium […]

Apple Granted Patent For Glasses-free 3D Projection Method
3D technology is moving at a rather fast pace and even Apple is looking to get into the game. The fruity company has been granted a patent for a method of projecting a 3D image that can be perceived without the need for those pesky 3D glasses. With this system, each pixel would be projected onto a reflective, textured surface, which is then bounced into the viewer’s left and right […]

Junaio 2.5: AR Mobile Browser New Version Released
We published about Junaio Augmented Reality mobile browser when metaio, the developer, launched the v 2.0 in March at SXSW. From the press release, we know that Junaio 2.5 features an “improved graphical user interface, easier channel navigation and pinpoint geographic filtering”.

3D Comes to iPad Without Special Glasses, Screens
For iPad owners who are jealous of other tablets and phones with special 3D screens that come with or without special glasses, Grilli is hoping to appease the 3D consumption appetite for iOS owners with a special screen overlay that aims to deliver a similar 3D viewing experience sans special glasses. The overlay would be applied on top of the iPad’s glass display, and will transform the iPad’s display into […]

Samsung Foldable 3D OLED TV Concept Hints at Future of TV
Samsung recently showed off a flexible, foldable 3D TV concept that hints at the future of 3D TV. The OLED panel can be folded and would give better viewing angle of the 3D content that is playing so that the viewer doesn’t need to sit directly in the middle to achieve an optimal viewing experience. Additionally, with the 3D panel being foldable, it may create for a more immersive television […]

Acer Delays Android Tablet for Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Talks 3D Plans
In an interview with All Things Digital, Acer head Gianfranco Lanci says that he has postponed an Android tablet in favor of Honeycomb to favor a better tablet user experience. “We took the decision to wait for Honeycomb when it is available….Now you can have Gingerbread on a tablet, but we are not convinced it is the right solution,” Lanci says. In terms of the smartphone space, Acer is looking […]

Sharp Glasses-Free Android Smartphone to Come to U.S. in 2011
After having released a few models of its glases-free 3D Android smartphones through carriers for the Japanese market, Sharp will be bringing at least one of those models to the U.S. market. The device, which will utilize the Android operating system, will have the same screen as found on the Nintendo 3DS, which can display 3D content sans glasses. The company also intends on bringing 3D smartphones to China and […]

Planar SA2311W display does the 3D jig at 120Hz
Stereoscopic 3D is the biggest thing since, well, plasma and LCD TVs, and Planar wants to dip their fingers in this market niche as well with their latest release, a 23-inch 3D monitor. This will be very different from what the company normally offers, which would be high-end models. Known as the SA2311W display, it will come with a 120Hz refresh rate, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 2ms response time, VGA/dual-link […]

3D Android Games Coming, But Will We See More 3D Android Smartphones?
In addition to providing the glasses-free 3D screen technology for the Nintendo 3DS, Sharp is launching its own 3D Android smartphones for the Japanese market under the Galapagos brand. With those smartphones, game studios Capcom, Konami, and Namco have announced a slew of 3D game titles for the glasses-free 3D screen on the Galapagos screens, which include Mega Man, Ghosts ‘n Goblins: Gold Knights, Resident Evil: Degeneration, Mobile Powerful Pro […]