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Something fishy going on in Apple Stores this weekend?
Something strange is going on at the Apple Stores all over the world this weekend, and nobody has a clue of what it will be. Apparently, some top secret visual merchandising will be happening in addition to an all staff meeting. Here’s what a tipster from Australia sent over to the folks at 9 to 5 Mac:“This Saturday (21st), all Australian (at least) retail stores will under go visual merchandising […]

White iPhone 4 source of scuffle in China
Just how far are you willing to go to make sure you can pocket a white iPhone 4? While some of us don’t mind camping out or taking our chances at a really, really long queue, there are other people who think that might makes right – take for example, a bunch of folks at Beijing over the weekend who wanted to get in line to bring home the handset. […]

Apple store down, white iPhone 4 imminent?
Thanks to the MacRumors forums, whispers abound that the Apple store is already offline (even as at publishing time), and this normally happens when Apple is about to release a new product (or two). Of course, there is also the remote possibility that Apple is maintaining their website but of course our itching ears would prefer to lean towards the possibility of a white iPhone 4 hitting the markets once […]

Apple's online store now selling the 3GS for $49 too
It’s up to you whether you want to consider this as another hint that a Verizon iPhone will be arriving on Jan 11th or not, but we’ve found that Apple has reduced the end user selling price of its 8GB iPhone 3GS to just $49, matching AT&T’s latest pricing. The iPhone 3GS has been around since the summer of 2009, so it’s definitely not the latest phone around, but it’s […]


Apple to drop restocking fees from its store from Jan 11th?
The restocking fee is not something that you’d want to pay in the event that you decide to return a product and now Apple is looking to make it easier for you to decide to buy things from its store. Word is that Apple will be ditching restocking fees from its retail chain from January 11th. Of course, there isn’t any mention of whether Apple will accept a scratched up […]

Apple Gets Patent To Improve The Experience Of Virtual Stores
Considering that the future is going to rely heavily on virtual goods and services, Apple seems to have gotten a rather nice patent under its belt, specifically a patent for improving the user experience in a 3D virtual Apple Store. While virtual shopping might be fun, it can also lack a certain feel that users experience in traditional stores. Apple goes into quite a bit of detail of things such as […]

Ex-Apple real estate chief now working on Microsoft retail stores
We told you recently that Apple and Microsoft were getting into a street fight as Microsoft plans to build retail outlets next to Apple’s. In order to do so, Microsoft has hired the person who worked on finding the prime locations for the Apple stores in the first place. Georges Blankenship is said to be consulting for Microsoft on the subject. Some think that Microsoft did not hire Mr. Blankenship as […]