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ELAC Art Edition FS 247 Speakers
If you’re going to spend quite a bit of money on a home speaker system, you might as well make sure that they look good too, right? Well, that’s probably what ELAC’s Art Edition FS 247 speakers are aiming to achieve. These loudspeakers come with a high gloss finish, and are available in a selection of decorative motifs (as pictured above). The tattoo motifs also serve to protect the speakers […]

CNC Flies From Unwanted Discs
Now here’s a novel method for you to recycle your old CDs and DVDs – CNC them. At least, that’s what Jacek Tomasiak from Poland did, churning out masterpieces that do not stink in the form of these flies. We’re pretty sure that these will do pretty well in the market when released, although folks who love all things pristine and new might loathe the use of recycled discs as […]