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ASUS ZenWatch Spotted On Google Play, Listed As "Coming Soon"
About a week ago, ASUS announced that their smartwatch the ZenWatch would be going on sale come 9th of November. The device can be bought via retailers such as Best Buy and it was also mentioned that the device would be eventually making its way over onto the Google Play Store along with the rest of the Android Wear devices.Well the semi-good news is that it looks like the ASUS […]

ASUS Promises More Intel-based Smartphones At CES 2015
We know that Intel has interest in entering the mobile space and we have seen companies such as ASUS launch Intel-based Android smartphones in the past. Well the good news is that if you are looking forward to more Intel phones from ASUS, you’re in luck because ASUS’ CEO Jerry Shen has recently disclosed that the company will be debut more Intel-based smartphones in 2015.The company expects to unveil more […]

ASUS ZenWatch Goes On Sale In The US From November 9th Onward
Ah, the world of smartwatches. It seems as though there are many different designs to choose from, what with the various manufacturers actually working on rolling out some really solid offerings along the way. ASUS of Taiwan does not want to miss out on the bandwagon, and they themselves have revealed the ASUS ZenWatch earlier this year in September, which looked pretty nice actually among the other smartwatches that are […]

Android 5.0 Coming To ASUS ZenFone Lineup, PadFone S, PadFone Infinity 2 In 2015
So we know that major Android OEMs have promised to release Android 5.0 Lollipop when it has been made available. Companies such as Motorola, Sony, and HTC are some of the companies who have publicly announced that their flagship phones (and then some) will be eligible for the update.However if you’re using an ASUS smartphone, fret not as the company has recently announced by way of the Taiwanese media that […]


ASUS MeMO Pad 10 ME103K Gets Official
When it comes to tablets, the folks over at ASUS do have some experience in rolling out some pretty sturdy offerings in the past, and it is the solid Nexus range that would come to mind for most of us out there. Well, there was an unannounced 10” Android-powered tablet from the Taiwanese company that appeared at European retail sites last month, and it is nice to see ASUS do […]

New ZenFone And ZenWatch Teased By ASUS
It looks like Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS has some surprises for us up its sleeve. The company has started teasing two new devices that it will unveil at an event on October 28th. The “Unlock the future” event has already been confirmed by ASUS where it is now expected to show off a new ZenWatch wearable device and a new ZenFone handset.

ASUS PadFone X Mini Announced For AT&T
Are you in the market for a new tablet/smartphone hybrid device? Well if you are, you might be interested to learn that AT&T and ASUS have announced that they will be bringing the PadFone X mini onto AT&T’s network come 24th of October. For those wondering about the device, this is essentially a smaller version of the PadFone X.What this means is that instead of a 5-inch smartphone display coupled […]

Asus ZenFone Gets New Firmware Update
If you happen to own a spanking new Asus ZenFone, or already have been rocking to one for quite some time already, this particular bit of news ought to put a spring in your step. Basically, a new firmware update has been introduced to this particular device, where it would see your smartphone get bumped up to Android 4.4 KitKat, now how about that? As at press time, we do […]

ASUS VivoMini Revealed
ASUS did reveal the ASUS Chromebox officially earlier this year, where that particular model would definitely have kept the ChromeOS crowd happy with a relatively affordable portable computing device. However, perhaps it is time to move on to bigger and greater things, which is why ASUS intends to cater to the PC market with a comparable device that they have called the “VivoMini”.

AsusPro BU201 Business-Class Notebook Spotted
ASUS is a computer manufacturer that does deliver a slew of notebooks for everyone – fitting just about all budgets, ranging from the entry level to the mid range and going all the way to the high end segment of the Ultrabook market. This time around, ASUS has decided to endow the business segment with their latest business-class portable notebook known as the AsusPro BU201. This particular notebook will arrive […]

ASUS Nexus Player Could Be An Android TV Device
This coming fall, Google is touted to roll out Android TV, which so happens to be another version of its hugely popular mobile operating system that has been specially optimized to see action on Smart TVs as well as other set-top boxes. This particular platform is touted to roll out alongside Google’s Android L, where the latter will target both smartphones and tablets. Android TV is said to allow users […]

ASUS VivoTab Note 8 Runs On Windows Bay Trail
It looks as though the very first 8” Windows-powered tablet from ASUS which was released earlier this year ran on an Intel Atom processor, and it was accompanied by a digital pen which could be used for writing and drawing purposes, thanks to its pressure-sensitive input. It did come with a $330 price tag of course, and there are always better bargains out there in the market. The thing is, […]

Intel-powered ASUS MeMO Pad 7 Tablet Unveiled
While Intel-powered Android smartphones are few and far in between, the same cannot be said for tablets because if you are looking for a new Android tablet, ASUS has recently announced the MeMO Pad 7 ME57c. The device is an Android-powered tablet that will use Intel’s Atom chipset, as opposed to a chipset of the ARM variety.

ASUS ZenWatch Makes Its Official Debut, And It Looks Pretty Good
After much teasing, ASUS has finally taken the wraps off its smartwatch – the ASUS ZenWatch. As far as beautiful smartwatches are concerned, the Moto 360 led the pack for quite a while with its stylish round face which felt more like a watch than a hi-tech gadget. We admit we were a little skeptical about the ZenWatch and its rectangular-ish face, but based on the images we’ve seen, we […]