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ASUS Reportedly Outsold Apple's iPads In Japan
It is safe to say that whenever we think of tablets, Apple’s iPad comes to mind. However it seems that despite the iPad’s popularity and place in pop culture, there are just some markets in which it isn’t doing as well as Apple would like. According to recent figures released by BCN, it seems that over in Japan, ASUS had actually managed to sell more tablets than Apple in the […]

ASUS PadFone X Successor In The Pipeline
The AT&T-bound ASUS PadFone X which was announced at the beginning of this year before going global just last month might be pretty new to the market at this point in time, but this does not mean that the Taiwanese company behind the PadFone X is going to rest on its laurels. No sir, apparently, Taiwanese website Focus Taiwan claims that both ASUS and AT&T are working on a next […]

ASUS PadFone S And ZenFone 5 LTE Are Official In Taiwan
It has been some time in the making, but at long last, ASUS has just released a couple of their smartphones to the masses in Taiwan, which is ASUS’ home country, before the possibility of seeing both devices arrive in other countries some tie down the road emerges. The two devices in question would be the PadFone S as well as the ZenFone 5 with LTE capability. We will see […]

ASUS Believes Their Smartwatch Will Be A "Hero Product"
So we know that ASUS will not be sitting by the sidelines when it comes to wearables. Recently we have heard how ASUS plans to release a smartwatch of their own, and now ASUS has pretty much confirmed them plans during the Taiwan Economic Summit held in Taipei. According to Focus Taiwan, ASUS’ chairman was present at the event and revealed that he believed that ASUS will be able to […]


ASUS Padfone 2 Android 4.4 Update Released
The second phone/tablet hybrid from ASUS has received a new software update today that’s likely going to be welcomed by those who’re still holding on to it. ASUS Padfone 2 last received a major software update back in December 2012 when it was bumped up to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Today the ASUS Padfone 2 Android 4.4 update has been released, jumping through all of the releases in between. This device is […]

ASUS G550JK Joins Republic Of Gamers Product Range
Some of us do have the luxury as well as the privilege of actually arriving home with a few hours to spare before taking a break for the night, and apart from watching our favorite shows on TV, there is another alternative that is worth checking out – occupying your time by playing games on the computer. However, if you need to travel, then your game might have to be […]

Asus Smartwatch Gets Robin Codename, Where’s Batman?
@evleaks has news concerning the upcoming budget-friendly smartwatch from Asus, where the tweet claims that it will be given the codename Robin, with the intention of the Robin smartwatch being the thinnest in its class. Only time will tell whether such aspirations will be reached (since the battery life might be compromised in this matter if it gets too thin, especially where the physical size of a smartwatch is concerned), […]

ASUS To Undercut Samsung's Android Wear Smartwatch On Price [Report]
So far only three manufacturers have shown off their Android Wear smartwatches, with LG and Samsung even offering up theirs for pre-orders yesterday. Motorola’s Moto 360 is destined for the market later this summer. While ASUS has made public its intention of launching an Android Wear smartwatch we have yet to actually see the device. Some new information has surfaced about this device. A report published today claims that the […]

ASUS K014 Tablet Spotted
ASUS is a name that those of us out there who want a budget Android-powered tablet ought to be familiar with, not to mention they happen to churn out their fair share of notebooks and Ultrabooks for the discerning masses to boot. Having said that, it was not too long that ASUS showed off a new range of Android-powered tablets that came in 7”, 8”, and 10 form factors, running […]

ASUS Reveals 32-Inch Curved Monitor
[Computex 2014] It is just me, or are hardware manufacturers slowly but surely making the move to curved form factors? That does seem to apply to the world of smartphones, as evident by what Samsung and LG have revealed in recent times, and it seems that monitors, too, are not exempt from this line of design thought with ASUS having unveiled a 32” curved monitor. Do bear in mind that […]

ASUS Shows Off USB Touch Monitor
[Computex 2014] The folks over at ASUS are pretty busy in their home country where Computex 2014 is taking place at the moment, and one of the devices that are being paraded at this point in time happens to be a 14” USB touch monitor that might just come in handy, especially for folks who need to work with more than a single display in the vicinity, and yet do […]

ASUS ROG Maximus VII Formula Gaming Motherboard
[Computex 2014] When it comes to gaming peripherals as well as computers, you know for sure that hardcore gamers do take their “tools of the trade” very, very seriously. And by that, I mean actually sourcing just which is the best part for a particular gaming set up, and most of the time, a stock motherboard will not do. ASUS knows this, which is why they have taken the opportunity […]

ASUS ROG G20 Gaming Desktop
[Computex 2014] ASUS continues to expand their Republic of Gamers (ROG) range with the announcement of the ASUS ROG G20 gaming desktop at this year’s Computex in Taiwan. Do not be fooled by its relatively small size – the smaller form factor desktop does pack quite a punch underneath the hood to deliver its fair share of processing firepower to keep you entertained after a particularly difficult day at work.

ASUS Zenbook NX500 Ultrabook With 4K Display Announced
It looks like at Computex 2014 this year, ASUS has a ton of new products that have just announced. Earlier we have seen the company announce the Transformer Book T300 Chi, a Surface Pro 3-like competitor, and the Transformer Book V, a highly souped up version of the PadFone X.Now it looks like ASUS has announced the Zenbook NX500, which is a 15.6-inch Ultrabook for those who are looking for […]