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B&O unveils BeoVision 7-55 3D TV
When the name B&O (Bang & Olufsen) is mentioned, the first thing that probably pops into most people’s heads is “out the question, too expensive!” and we don’t think that B&O’s latest offering, the BeoVision 7-55 television will be an exception.

BeoSound 5 Encore Plug and Play Digital Music System
I am a big fan of Bang & Olufsen beautifully designed products despite their insane  price tags. B&O represents the haute couture of the consumer electronics industry, and you always need a brand like that to make your gadget dreams come true.Today the Danish manufacturer is launching BeoSound 5 Encore, the new addition to the BeoSound 5 digital music system family released in March 2009.BeoSound Encore 5 is a digital […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 iPad Dock
While there are plenty of iPhone and iPod audio docks out there, there aren’t too many audio docks for the iPad, and you can bet there won’t be that many that sound as good or are priced as high as the BeoSound 8 from Bang & Olufsen. In case you aren’t rocking an Apple device, you can still enjoy the sound from these speakers by hooking up your audio device […]

Lumigon T1 Android Phone With ICEpower Amplifiers To Arrive This Year
Denmark-based Lumigon has unveiled its unique T1 Android phone. What sets it apart from the rest is its inclusion of a FM transmitter (not receiver), HDMI dock, Bang & Olufsen’s ICEpower audio amplifiers, and the ability to double up as a universal remote control for your various AV devices. The phone is slated to arrive by the end of this year, so that gives it about two months to get […]


Bang & Olufsen Sound System spotted in BMW at Paris Motor Show
The Paris Motor Show was the platform where the Bang & Olufsen Sound System was seen in the BMW 6 Series concept car. The entire system comprises of 16 fully active loudspeakers that are able to deliver an outstanding sound performance. Right in the centre of the dashboard would be where the tweeter and mid-range drivers are placed, delivering the perfect sound stage. Each seat gets a quartet of tweeter […]

Audi Sound Concept Boasts 62 Speakers
Are you an audiophile who thinks that in-car audio systems are never good enough? Audi is currently involved in a new project that according to them could be the next revolution. The project is internally dubbed the Audi Sound Concept and is being tested on a Q7 model. This design boasts an insane 62 speakers in the vehicle, consisting of five woofers, five tweeters and fifty-two mid-range speakers in the […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 8 LCD TV
If it weren’t about the price, most folks out there would want a few Bang & Olufsen products in their home. Now the company has just announced its BeoVision 8, which is a smaller version of its BeoVision 10 LCD, and less expensive. This 40-inch display touts 240Hz motion processing, something that the folks over at B&O claim to be nearly double that of the conventional LCDs. Being a B&O product, […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 11 Subwoofer
Struck the lottery and need a better subwoofer to irritate your neighbors? That’s what the upcoming BeoLab 11 from Bang & Olufsen is for. Aside from its stylish looks, it promises some awesome bass. It offers two 6.5-inch drivers facing each other in an aluminum shell, and will handle all your beats really well. It’ll be available in North America by mid-May 2010 and will set you back a good […]