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Beyoncé Shatters Most-Liked Instagram Record
Beyoncé is someone who needs no introduction. A superstar in her own right, when she talks, her fans pay close attention. All it took for her to smash the most-liked Instagram record was a picture of herself and a revelation that has got people all over the world talking. She has broken the previous record for the most-liked post on Instagram which was held by another singer-songwriter, Selena Gomez.

Beyonce's New Album Won't Be Available On Other Streaming Services
Beyonce’s new album titled Lemonade was released yesterday and it’s available for online streaming via Tidal. If you were under the impression that soon it will be available on other streaming services as well, you’re mistaken, because it appears that for the foreseeable future her latest album is only going to be available for streaming through Tidal. There’s a perfectly good reason for that.