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Amazon Acquires Connected Camera Startup Blink
Several years ago Blink launched its security camera on Kickstarter and the company has found a fair bit of success ever since, and actually launched a couple of new products earlier this year at CES. Now it seems that Blink has managed to catch the eye of Amazon because in an announcement by Amazon, they have acquired Blink.

Blink Announces New Security Services For CES 2017
A few years ago, a company called Blink debuted security cameras designed for the home. In case that wasn’t security enough, or if maybe you grown to appreciate the company’s products, you’ll be happy to learn that they are announcing new security products and services at CES 2017 which kicks off later this week.

Samsung Gear Blink Could Roll Out In March 2015
When it comes to wearable tech, it does look as though the smartwatch department is a whole lot more hip and happening compared to smart glasses, where the latter does not have all that much competition as nobody has the reach of Google just yet to challenge the Google Glass. Whereas smartwatches have a slew of new releases, and the Apple Watch is the latest one to be introduced. Having […]

Blink Security Camera Now A Kickstarter Project
While Blink proved herself to be one of the more unique looking characters in the latest X-Men movie, she did not play too much of a role in it other than looking cool while opening and closing portals with her elf-like ears in tow. Having said that, the Blink that we are talking about here is of a different kind – it is a Kickstarter project that happens to be […]