Iomega TV with Boxee + Storage

[CES 2011] The Smart TV mania is definitively on with the recent launch of a bunch of boxes that turns your dumb TV into a “smart device”. Iomega is jumping in the band wagon with its own version of the Boxee Box: the Iomega TV. Featuring the Boxee software that streams music and video content from various internet sources, the Iomega TV offers 1 or 2 TB storage in the […]

Boxee Box Firmware Update Offers Improved UI And 3D Support

The folks over at Boxee have given you a little early Christmas present with an update for the Boxee Box media streamer. One of the more notable updates is the option to specify what source you use the most to view media, such as online sources or your local files. You’re also offered the option for an hourly scan of SMB/UPnP/USB sources, making it easy to keep the device updated […]

Boxee Box Dissected Already, Similar Hardware To Logitech Revue

This didn’t take any time at all, did it? The Boxee set-top box has started to ship for pre-orders and retail launch is slated for November 17th but the folks over at iFixit have managed to get hold of a unit and have dissected the whole thing, baring everything inside for us to see. It’s worth noting that the Boxee Box offers similar hardware components to the Logitech Revue. Both […]

Vudu streams to Boxee Box, PC and Mac

Vudu has just announced that it is coming to the Boxee platform in November, and that’s really cool for many reasons: first of all, it’s a very exciting service addition to the Boxee platform, and the Boxee Box in particular. Secondly, because Boxee also runs on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac, this means that those platforms will get Vudu as well. (PS: we just noticed that the Boxee Box price is […]


Boxee Gets A New Movie Library

The folks over at Boxee have just improved the service by adding a new Movie Library to complement the existing TV Show Library. The Movie Library offers thousands of films from the four launch partners: EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, MUBI*, and Openfilm. If you’re short of a couple of pennies, you’ll be happy to hear that most of the movies will be available for free (supported by ads). The Movie […]

Sony Gearing Up To Launch Google TV In May

According to recent reports, Sony is planning to introduce its new TVs that are powered by Intel chips and Google software next month. Sony and Google are planning to discuss the new products at a conference in San Francisco come May 19th and 20th. Logitech has also been tapped up to design the remote control for the new set-top box, including a tiny keyboard for navigation. The box will obviously […]