Canon EOS Rebel T5i Hands-On Review (EOS 700D)

[Imaging Week] The arrival of the Canon EOS T5i on the DSLR scene didn’t make much waves, and for good reason: this update of the T4i (650D) is so close to its predecessor that you have to dig into the software to find a difference: the EOS T5i can preview the Creative Filters in real-time, which is one of the most underwhelming (although welcome) feature addition to this camera. Yes, […]

Canon EOS 6D Hands-On Review

Since I’m at Imaging Week in Seoul/Korea this week, I thought that I would spend some hands-on time with the Canon EOS 6D that was announced recently. I use a Canon 50D on a daily basis, so it’s nice to see how far Canon has gone since I bought the 50D back in the days. The Canon EOS 6D is quite different: it’s a full-frame DSLR, which makes it a […]

Canon Announces Free Firmware And Application Software Upgrades For Some Cinema EOS System Cameras

The wonders of modern day hardware is this – its performance can be further enhanced with the right amendments made to the inherent software that runs it, and in this case, we are talking about firmware updates. Cameras, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, these are all not immune to the benefits of a well tuned firmware update, and Canon has just announced that they will be rolling out new firmware and application […]

Canon VIXIA HF G30 Camcorder

If you love capturing all of your precious moments on video, you might want to consider upgrading your hardware and get an actual camcorder, instead of relying on just your smartphone’s camera sensor. Well, Canon might have just the deal for you with the Canon VIXIA HF G30 camcorder, where it has been touted to come with the relevant features so that you can explore new recording possibilities, never mind […]


Alleged Canon EOS 7D MK II Test Camera Specs Revealed

The Canon EOS 7D MK II is expected to be announced sometime in the future, when exactly remains unknown. However for those looking forward to hearing more about the successor to the EOS 7D, the folks at Northlight have managed to get their hands on what seems like alleged specifications of said camera. Keep in mind that these are alleged specs and might not necessarily be the real thing, so […]

Camera Found Drifting At Sea Reunited With Owner After 6 Years

We all know that sinking feeling when we drop our phones, tablets, cameras and whatnot, but we can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a camera in the ocean. However that’s what Lindsay Scallan did when she took her Canon PowerShot camera with her on her underwater dive off Hawaii. She attempted to look for the camera the next day, but unfortunately due to the rough seas she […]

Canon Rebel T5i (EOS 700D) Is The Rebel Series’ New Flagship Camera

Canon has announced a couple of cameras today – the PowerShot SX280 and the DSLR Rebel SL1 (also known as the EOS 100D in other markets). If that wasn’t enough, Canon has also taken the wraps off another DSLR camera, this one being the Rebel T5i, which is also referred to as the EOS 700D depending on which region you are in. The T5i will be the new flagship camera […]

Canon PowerShot SX280 With DIGIC 6 Processor Unveiled

Launching alongside the Canon Rebel SL1 (EOS 100D), Canon has also revealed the PowerShot SX280, a compact camera for those who prefer something a little, well, more compact. While you might sniff your nose at compact cameras, especially given that our smartphones these days are able to snap decent photos, some of the features Canon is advertising for the SX280 would be its use of Canon’s new DIGIC 6 processor […]

Canon Rebel SL1 (EOS 100D) Announced

Remember the rumors we’ve been hearing about Canon possibly launching a new DSLR camera that would be a happy middle between the Rebel series of entry-level DSLR cameras and the EOS M? Well it turns out those rumors were spot on because Canon has officially announced the Rebel SL1 (also know as the EOS 100D in other regions), a camera that looks small enough to fit in the palm of […]

Canon EOS-b Specifications And Images Leaked

Summer time is when we expect new DSLR cameras from Canon. This year is no different. The company is expected to release EOS-b, or Kiss X7 as it will be called in Japan, this summer. Earlier today, Canon EOS-b specifications and images were apparently leaked on the internet. If this information is anything to go by, then everything there is to know about the EOS-b has basically been leaked. The […]

Canon Rumored To Announce Two New DSLR Cameras On The 21/22 March

Earlier today we reported that thanks to a Best Buy listing, an unknown Canon EOS-b DSLR camera was revealed. It has been speculated that this could be the new DSLR lineup that Canon has been rumored to announce in the near future, and thanks to the folks at Canon Rumors, it is possible that an announcement could be taking place on the 21st or 22nd of March. This was tipped […]

Mysterious Canon EOS-b Camera Revealed In Best Buy Leak

Remember when there were rumors last week that Canon could be introducing a new line of DSLR cameras? While we’re still waiting for an official announcement of sorts, the folks at Best Buy have put up a listing for a Canon camera. Unfortunately it was not stated as to what the camera’s model was, nor were there any photos. However the listing did reveal a certain EOS-b 18MP camera with […]

Rumored Upcoming Canon Rebel DSLR Specs Leaked

Remember the other day we reported on rumors that Canon could be introducing a new line of DSLR cameras? These alleged cameras are supposed to be the in-between for the Rebel series of entry-level DSLRs, and the EOS M, Canon’s take on the mirrorless system. Thanks to the folks at Canon Watch, it looks like they might have gotten their hands on some rumored specs for this new series of […]

Canon Rumored To Introduce New Line Of DSLR Cameras

One of the downsides to a DSLR is that they tend to be heavy and bulky, at least when compared to compact cameras and the newer mirrorless camera systems. In fact when comparing Canon’s Rebel series of DSLR cameras to its more professional EOS 5D MK II, the latter is much larger by comparison, to that end we are now hearing rumors that Canon could be looking to introduce a […]