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BookBook iPhone 4 casing now available
TwelveSouth, the same company that brought you the BookBook MacBook casings has decided to shrink the design down with the iPhone 4 in mind. So instead of looking like you’re carrying around a huge tome, you now look like you’re carrying around a smaller tome which judging by its looks could totally pass off as a Bible; in fact, load your iPhone 4 with a Bible app and it wouldn’t […]

ZAGGfolio iPad 2 casing comes with a Bluetooth keyboard as well
Keyboard docks and keyboard cases for the iPad have been sprouting up like weeds lately, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (keyboard cases/docks I mean, not weeds) as it gives us consumers multiple brands to choose from.

Dolce & Gabbana unveils their luxury iPad casing
Fans of luxury brands will be pleased to know that the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house has recently released an iPad case that will definitely put all eyes on you (or your iPad). Made in Italy out of black leather and shimmery sequins, with gold hardware, a chain shoulder strap with star charms, we’re guessing that D&G probably had the ladies in mind when they created this.Some fashion experts may […]

Case-Mate's $300 Titanium iPhone 4 Case
Not too long ago we found the official Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 cases on sale and we thought that $290 was just too much to pay for an iPhone 4 casing, considering it was almost half the price of a brand new unlocked iPhone 4. Today we found a case that has topped the Louis Vuitton’s price by an additional $10.


Louis Vuitton Release iPhone 4 Cases
How much do you love your brands? If you’re decked out in an Armani suit with a Hermes tie, sporting a Prada belt with matching Gucci leather shoes to match, the only thing you would be missing is a Louis Vuitton case for your iPhone 4. If that sounds good to you then you will be glad to know that Louis Vuitton has not released one, not two, but FOUR […]