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ROCCAT Power-Grid lets you control your PC with your smartphone
[CeBIT 2012] Remember ROCCAT’s “Isn’t PC Gaming Dead?” campaign it held awhile ago? It turns out that the images of smartphones being used on the website were more than just a way to display comments. Today ROCCAT introduced Power-Grid: a smartphone app that is designed to take PC gaming to the next level. Essentially a big slap in the face to Razer (see the Razer Blade), ROCCAT Power-Grid lets anybody […]

CeBIT 2012 - Live Video
Ubergizmo is a media partner of CeBIT, and you can redeem your complimentary CeBIT ticket now and attend the CeBIT Global Conferences for free! Use this URL to go straight to the free registration web page.The CeBIT Global Conferences (CGC) are a core part of CeBIT, the global digital industry’s largest, most influential tradeshow and congress. Following their debut in 2008, the CGC have quickly evolved into the ICT world’s […]

Gigabyte P2542G gaming notebook
[CeBIT 2012] Any true blue gamer will be able to tell you that there is nothing that they would like better than a souped up desktop gaming rig, as all the comforts of home are within walking distance and reach when one takes a break from gaming. However, there are moments in life where you need to travel elsewhere to earn a living, and cannot bring your precious desktop with […]

Gigabyte unveils U2442N and U2442V Ultrabooks
[CeBIT 2012] Gigabyte has announced that they have a couple more Ultrabooks in store for the masses – and the two closely related models would be the U2442N and U2442V Ultrabooks. These two Ultrabooks will carry a similar bold and striking design, where it merges both style and powerful features so that you are able to get much of your computing work done whenever you are away from home or […]