Lexar’s SDXC memory card can store 128GB of data

[CES 2011] Lexar will be unveiling their upcoming SDXC card at CES 2011 this week, and will be putting them on sale later this quarter. Targeted at professionals, Lexar’s SDXC memory cards will have capacities of 64GB and 128GB. With most consumer devices now only supporting up to 32GB SD cards, it’s probably going to be awhile before these cards become standard, but for now they will remain as products […]

Photographs and video of the Nintendo 3DS leaked online

[CES 2011] Nintendo’s is set to demonstrate the fifth iteration of their NDS console at CES 2011this week. But before the device can even hit the stage, photos of it have already surfaced online. Apparently, a factory worker in China took a whole bunch of photographs and a video of the device and released them to the world. The photos also confirm some of the specs for the handheld console […]

Blast your iPad music with iHome portable speakers

[CES 2011] iHome, the creators of the iA100 have announced that they will be unveiling a set of new iPad accessories to complement Apple’s iOS tablet. Choosing to reveal them at CES 2011, the accessories consist of two external speakers and a case with built-in speakers. The iDM12 is a rechargeable portable Bluetooth speaker system that serves as a micro sound bar for the media watcher on the go. With […]

Samsung HMX-Q10 Camcorder with Switch Grip

[CES 2011] The HMX-Q10 is a mid-range Full HD camcorder featuring a 5 MP BSI CMOS sensor delivering improved low-light performance, and a  Schneider-Kreuznach Varioplan-HD F1.8 10x optical zoom lens with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). Aside the regular specifications one would expect from a camcorder, the unique feature of the device is the Switch Grip technology with Easy Operation: the G-magnetic sensor integrated in the HMX-Q10 recognizes the angle and […]


Dell to unveil Latitude 2120 netbook at CES

[CES 2011] Amongst the many gadgets that will be unveiled at the upcoming CES 2011, word is out that Dell will be launching a new Latitude 2120 netbook at the event. If the rumors are true, the 2120 will feature specifications that are identical to the 2110 but it is powered by a dual-core N550 processor instead of the Intel Atom N470 processor. It’s also been said that there will […]

Amazon UK already offering the Samsung Galaxy Player for pre-sale

[CES 2011] We already know that Samsung will be offering its Android-powered Galaxy Player to challenge Apple’s iPod touch and the Zune HD. If you can’t wait those few days to CES in order to find out more about it, the folks over at Amazon UK have already put it up for pre-sale. It’s currently only offered in white and in capacities of 8GB and 16GB, priced at $233 and $279 […]

Lenovo X120e announced as the successor to the X100e

[CES 2011] With CES just around the corner, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the product releases are coming fast. If you were a fan of the portable Lenovo ThinkPad X100e, you’ll be glad to hear that the company has announced its successor, the X120e, solving one of the major issues with the current version – heat. The AMD Neo wasn’t the coolest piece of silicon around […]

MSI to showcase the Butterfly concept at CES

[CES 2011] MSI gave us an early glimpse into its all-in-one Wind Top desktops that it will be showcasing at CES, including a pair of new concepts. The Butterfly (pictured above) is a unique attempt to address some criticisms against using a touchscreen display that is propped upright. The solution that it offers is that it’s 10-point multi-touch LCD display can slide down and out, allowing users to easily touch […]

PrimeSense and Asus to Launch WAVI Xtion Gesture-Controlled User Interface

[CES 2011] PrimeSense is the company developing the hardware powering Kinnect, its Immersive Natural Interaction solutions, will be embedded in WAVI Xtion, a user interface developed by ASUS. WAVI Xtion is a media center software for the PC that allows users to interact with media content in the living room without the need of a controller. Using natural gestures, people can browse the internet, access media content and eventually play […]

Intel Insider Protects Video Content

[CES 2011] Intel Insider is a technology that is being introduced with the Second Generation Core Processor family. It is embedded in the graphics chip inside the new Core i3/i5/i7 processors, and it allows video content to remain protected (from piracy) from its source (disc, hdd, streaming) to the screen (via HDMI, or WiDi 2.0). Thanks to Intel Insider, Movie Studios and TV Networks are now warming up to the […]

Intel’s Sandy Bridge in Products @ CES

[CES 2010] CES is the perfect announcement platform for Intel because this is the time for the bi-annual “PC Refresh” that has happened like clockwork for more than a decade now (February/October). The second generation Core Processor, codenamed “Sandy Bridge” improves the performance across the board (sometime in a dramatic way) and lifts the base graphics performance (and compatibility, up to DX10) appreciably, thanks to the graphics processor embedded directly […]

Grace Digital updates Internet radios with color displays

[CES 2011] Grace Digital has decided to let their trio of Internet radios keep up with the times by including color displays, just in the nick of time to debut at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. First of all, we have the $249.99 Solo Touch that sports a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, a remote control, Ethernet connectivity, RCA outputs and a headphone jack. As for the $179.99 Bravado X, it will […]

RAmos teases us with W10, W12 and W15 tablet pictures ahead of CES

[CES 2011] Manufacturers out there are fond of teasing us with product pictures before CES and next up are some pictures from RAmos. The company will be unveiling three new Cortex A9-based tablets at the upcoming CES 2011, which are the W10, W12 and W15. The W12 will be using an A9 SoC (System-on-Chip) and will feature an 8-inch display with a 4:3 screen ratio, along with a capacitive touch […]

AliveECG is iPhone attachment

[CES 2011] Alivecor of Seattle, Washington, will be showcasing their new iPhonECG system at CES 2011 next week, where it is known as AliveECG. The company itself has worked together with Oregon Scientific in order to manufacture the units, and they are expected to retail for less than $100 a pop. Looks like the iPhone is getting more and more functionality every single day, and to have an ECG device […]