Milky Way alarm clock

Henrik Amberla’s Milky Way clock takes a different route compared to other timepieces, where it also doubles up as an art object on your beside table. Definitely a conversation starter, this will also be able to wake you up to something nice to look at each morning. Meant to reflect on the duality and unity of the sleep/wake cycle, this alarm clock allows you to kick in the snooze function […]

Ice Tube Clock Kit

Want to own a cool looking clock that will set you apart from the rest? Well, the Ice Tube Clock will certainly help you in that direction. One look at the Russian-made, 9-digit, vacuum florescent display (VFD) and folks will certainly sing praises about it. To make things even better, it’s completely open source software and hardware, so mod it to your heart’s content!

Solar-powered Clock

Vienna-based design studio Vandasye has come up with a solar-powered clock prototype that well, basically tells the current time at a glance, being powered by solar energy – guess there is no need to change that pesky AA battery once every year or so, eh? Not too sure just how many batteries this will save in the long run, but it is nice to see solar powered devices gaining traction […]

DIY Word Clock

MAKE subscriber Doug saw the word clock some time ago and decided he has the technical know how of coming up with his own version, which he succeeded as seen here. The front panel was built using an etched PCB, which translates to not requiring a laser cutter, while a circuit board was constructed to illuminate the proper display sections using LEDs. You’ll need an in-depth knowledge of DIY electronics […]


Hour Grass Living Wall Clock

The Hour Grass Living Wall Clock is an interesting concept as it helps you grow grass in a vertical manner on your wall, where it will be confined within a stainless steel and glass body frame. The grass will never be able to grow above the clock’s hands, since both hour and minute hands will pass over the patch of grass, keeping it trimmed always thanks to their sharpened edges. […]

IXP3 Internet Messaging Clock

Clocks are just that, telling you the current time, right? Wrong! The IXP3 Internet Messaging Clock goes one up on standard time tellers by being able to be hooked up to an Internet router, where it is more than capable of displaying on-demand messages from those who are far away. Messages can be sent through the product website or email, where they are then projected immediately on the remote clock. […]

Hard drive clock

Isn’t it great to be a DIY enthusiast? You’re always on the lookout for something new to do with old stuff, and the hard drive clock is one of them thanks to Polish modder mb1988 who ensured this hard drive clock is a success thanks to the use of persistence-of-vision (POV) illusion which results in phantom “hands” being displayed on the face of the spinning drive platter. Colorful LEDs will […]

Nixie Concrete Clock

Timepieces at home are pretty mundane stuff, but if you put your head to it, you can always find something weird and out of the ordinary like this Nixie Concrete Clock. This timepiece by designer Daniel Kurth comes with half a dozen vintage Z560M Nixie tubes embedded within a relatively large block of concrete, and while it might be a bit heavier than normal, it can still be wall mounted […]

Visual Voltage clock concept

Want to know just how much of a power guzzler your home is, and when are the peak hours where you use up the most juice? Deductive reasoning might be fairly accurate, but to get the best picture, this Visual Voltage clock concept by Swedish designers Loove Brooms, Karin Ehrnberger and Sara Llstedt Hjlem takes the cake where it offers a real-time representation of your electricity use throughout the past […]

Progress Bar Clock

Check out the Progress Bar Clock that will definitely resonate with many people who are familiar with the use of those when installing programs or downloading huge files. This prototype doesn’t look as though it will be out on the market anytime soon, but then again there is another aspect to this clever concept that might actually come in handy. This belt-driven timepiece is equipped with two dozen alarms, allowing […]

Good Afternoon Clock

Japan’s Mile Project have come up with what they call the Good Afternoon Clock that is pretty much nothing but a mere circle, sans hands or a face. Instead, it will feature a set of slits that encircle the innards of the clock’s bezel, enabling narrow beams of light to shine through in order to represent the second, minute and hour hands that can be viewed on a wall as […]

QlockTwo concept

Just when you have wired your brain to tell the time at a glance using numbers, along comes the QlockTwo that spells out the current time. Designed by Biegert & Funk, this unique timepiece describes the current time using statements such as “IT IS NINE O’CLOCK” or “IT IS FIVE PAST TWO”. Minutes will be conveyed via tiny white dots located in the corners of the clock. A simple flip […]

LEGO clock looks cool

Is it just us, or do you also think that the world famous LEGO brick is also experiencing a revival of sorts? There’s a new LEGO Clock Radio that comes in a shape none other thna the standard giant LEGO brick. Measuring 10 times the size of the original, it boasts the standard volume knobs and tuner controls, alongside the standard “LEGO” word emblazoned across. This AM/FM radio also has […]

Black & White Clock

Take a look at this – ain’t it cool, with the Black & White Clock? It comprises of a quartet of independent 3D OLED digits, where each digit will boast its own power source and control. The clock comes equipped with a light sensor as well, capable of switching automatically between two modes. During the day, the figures will be shown in black, while when dusk falls and night takes […]