Coffee Table File Server Casing Mod

Are you getting sick of spilling coffee on your computer keyboard, or your precious laptop? Well, if you’re into case modding, you could always mod your computer case, similar to what this person has done, and marry a coffee table with a computer, after which the computer acts as a file server, media control for the living room TV and light entertainment for guests. Do you have an awesome mod […]

PS3 Coffee Table

If gaming plays an extremely large role in your life, then you might want to check out this piece of furniture – the PS3 Coffee Table. Designed by Stephane Perruchon, this video game inspired coffee table will boast handmade PS3 controllers (in a much larger scale, of course) that function as a base, alongside two handles made of ABS followed by buttons as decorations. Available in black and white colors, […]

LED touch-sensitive coffee table

Thanks to an array of infra-red proximity sensors, this table can “sense” when objects are on (or near) it and light itself accordingly. It works better with transparent plates or glasses and probably looks better with cocktails, so here’s your excuse for not drinking water with your friends on Friday night. You can turn the LEDs off and use it as a normal table as well. It costs $1500 to […]

FIRE coffee table

German designer Axel Schaefer must surely hate the winter as he has come up with this ingenious coffee table dubbed FIRE. It merges a fireplace and a coffee table into a single piece of furniture, where the table bit is made out of a clear body finished in HPL (high pressure laminate) that ensures durability. It burns bio-ethanol to keep your place warm, and we don’t suppose you can also […]