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Double USB concept plug works both ways
USB cables are wonderful things, since they allow so many different products to be connected together. Of course, the humble USB connector isn’t without its own set of problems and we often find ourselves trying to push the plug in several times before we realize that we’ve got it the wrong way around. Of course, that wouldn’t happen if everybody out there just used this concept Double USB plug, which […]

InOne concept all-in-one computer is super elegant
This concept InOne computer is exactly what its name suggests, an all-in-one computer, but it’s one that looks extremely eye-catching. It features a 22-inch display, keyboard, touchpad, speakers and digital tablet all built into a single unit. It has built-in wireless connectivity like all modern computers and while there aren’t any technical specifications associated with it just yet, we’re just hoping that it’ll be turned into a real product, regardless […]

4D concept watch
Do you think that having to lift your arm in order to tell the time on your watch is troublesome? Perhaps this 4D concept watch might be able to solve your problem. This watch is able to display the time based on gravity or depending on the head position of the person whose wrist the watch is on. With this, all you have to do is look down at your […]

External Lighting concept generates energy when you mop the floor
With energy costs not getting any cheaper, folks are always looking for ways to shave their electric bill and this concept dubbed the External Lighting might be something that would interest many folks. This light runs on energy that is generated during chores such as cleaning the floor. As you know, you use plenty of energy when you’re mopping the floor and this design aims to harness that energy and […]


Turnstyle record player concept looks far out
You know that a concept’s got your attention when it looks really stunning, making you look twice while wondering just what the heck it does. Take the Turnstyle for example – it might look like a USS Enterprise design reject at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you would realize that it is a record player. Yup, we’re talking about it being a similar machine that handles the playback of […]

Concept cellphone that features a tangible user interface
One of the main gripes most people have had with today’s smartphones is the fact that touchscreens are almost impossible to use without looking. Unless it’s some huge button that you can spot at the corner of your eye and easily hit, most of the time you’re forced to look at the screen even when performing simple actions such as answering a call. Well a Japanese designer has decided to […]

Blackbird concept vehicle gets inspiration from Mercedes-Benz and TRON
There’s no denying that there is a certain allure about Mercedes-Benz cars, but then again, we love TRON too. Now a Hungarian designer out there has come up with a concept vehicle dubbed the Blackbird that seems to combine a Mercedes-Benz and vehicles from TRON. The name of this concept vehicle actually comes from the fastest manned aircraft, the Lockheed Blackbird Sr71.  If Mercedes-Benz actually did come up with such […]

Concept flip phone features three AMOLED touchscreen displays
If you thought that a phone with dual displays was awesome, what would you think of a phone that features three displays? That’s exactly what this concept phone features – three flexible AMOLED touchscreen displays. This phone can be folded into a triangle of sorts, similar to how you’d prop a calendar on your desk. The three displays are attached together with soft steel mesh hinges, which is a nice […]

Japan's EDV-01 perfect for Fallout fans
There is always the threat and risk of a post nuclear apocalypse here on earth ever since the US dropped a couple of atom bombs over at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but we got to thank the heavens that nothing of that sort has happened since then despite all the rhetoric from wayward nations. Well, the Boy Scouts do ask us to be prepared, so why not toy around with the […]

Flowlight concept uses tidal power
While most folks today tend to focus on solar power, tidal power is definitely something that we should all look into and an Irish designer has come up with a sustainable concept lamp design, dubbed the Flowlight. This lamp features a turbine unit that is submerged in the water. The blades of this turbine are designed to operate clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing it to operate with the flow of the […]

Biolamps uses CO2 to light up the streets
One of the key problems we currently face in our world is the pollution produced from cars. And one of the solutions used to combat this problem is electric cars, but since they are much too costly for most people to afford at the moment, so a designed has come up with a proposed solution to the problem. Called Biolamps, these lamps contain algae mixed with water, which converts the […]

REC concept camera has a transparent display
Do you every think that there is a certain level of detachment when you photograph your subjects? Perhaps it’s the camera that is hiding you from your subjects and not being able to look into each other’s eyes. The concept REC camera might go some way to solving that issue as it features a transparent swivel display as a viewfinder, allowing you to look right through it at your subject. […]

BAE Systems want to disguise tanks with E Ink
Just when you thought that E Ink technology was there for e-book readers, BAE Systems, a British defense firm, has decided to use it instead to disguise their range of vehicles of war. Apparently, a set of sensors that are connected to the tank’s exterior will take in the surrounding environment, analyzing the terrain carefully to take note of important information such as colors, shapes and lines, where they will […]

HorodronHD-01 concept watch features an E-Ink display
You might be dreaming of a fancy Rolex or Breitling watch, but if you really want something that makes you stand out from the crowd, this HorodronHD-01 concept watch is probably what you want. Instead of an analog display, you’re giving an E-Ink display that not only tells the time, it also shows the date. There’s also the unintended side effect of making you look like you’re a time traveler […]