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Chain Power Strip concept
Designers out there seem fascinated with the common household power socket and seem to be continually trying to improve on it, and we’re not going to complain about that. Now the concept Chain Power Strip is a modular power strip that makes it easy to accommodate bigger power adapters and can also support USB charging ports. The flexible design of this power strip probably means that it’s easier to hide […]

Gabler concept phone is designed to hang on your bag
Those of you who keep your cell phones buried somewhere inside a bag will probably have been in a scenario where you couldn’t find your phone fast enough when it was ringing. Now a concept design dubbed the Gabler has surfaced, and it’s a phone with a curved/folded design that allows it to be hung over the edge of your purse/bag. Aside from its physical appearance, this phone offers the […]

CMYK Electro-Eraser concept device helps you go green
Going green often means doing your best to reduce the use of paper or at least recycle what you can. Now this concept CMYK Electro-Eraser concept device is designed to help recycle paper by using electromagnetic radiation to break the bonds of color pigments, ensuring that you’ll be able to reuse the paper.

Water Vapor Project concept could hydrate desert
Everyone knows very well that deserts are parched plains and comprise of endless dunes of sand, with death coming from every direction. Watch your step – you might just ruffle the pincers out of a poisonous scorpion, oh yeah, and there’s that small problem of not having enough water to keep you hydrated. Here’s the Water Vapor Project concept that might change the way life in the desert works, as […]


ICE CARD concept MP4 player
While Apple’s iPods and Microsoft’s Zune media players are pretty devices, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming and designing something that might look more impressive. A Tanzanian designer out there has come up with a MP4 player concept dubbed the ICE CARD. The design calls for transparent solar panels, a crystal clear Super AMOLED display and nanotechnology. The device is made from the tough Gorilla Glass that is increasingly popular and […]

MSI Angellow desktop concept
[CES 2011] MSI plays around with the idea of a heavenly being being part of your computer, hence the Angellow. The back is supposed to show off angel’s feathers, but we think of it to be more of gills from a shark. The components of the computer will be concealed in the back stand in order to keep the display as thin as possible. Luminous material located at the back […]

Hyundai Nuvis hails from outer space
[CES 2011] This is another conceptual vehicle from Hyundai that seem to hail from some sort of alien planet, what with its organic looking insides and blue curved lines all over. Check out the gullwing style door, sporting breakthrough lithium polymer battery technology to help Hyundai fulfill their pledge to lead all brands in US fuel economy in four years’ time. The Nuvis concept will feature a proprietary parallel hybrid […]

iPhone stand looks futuristic
We’ve seen plenty of iPhone stands over the last few months, but this sleek iPhone cradle concept looks good enough to set itself apart from the rest. It features video-out, a charging dock, external function touch-sensitive keys, a clock and display. Not too bad for a simple dock. Best of all, it looks futuristic and smart. Would such a design be enough to make it a success?

Vyne concept iPhone stand coils around your neck
Despite our love for the iPhone, we don’t always want to hold it in our hands and there are times when we just want to kick back and watch a movie on it. The Vyne is a pretty interesting concept iPhone stand as it’s made from a flexible strap that can be coiled into various forms. You’ll be able to prop the iPhone up on the table, or even coil […]

Flexible Modile device concept
We hope that flexible displays will become more common in the future and designers out there are already dreaming of what devices that use such technology will look like. One such design is the Flexible Modile, a mobile device that uses technology that can be incorporated into a soft surface, ideally a fabric or mesh that would house the main components and mount the screen. This concept features a touch […]

Retractable Tape Cord concept
We’re all familiar with retractable measuring tape, and it’s nice to use tools that don’t get tangled all the time. Now designers out there are trying to bring the idea to extension cords, such as this Retractable Tape Cord concept here. The slim design of the power cord is possible thanks to the use of polysiloxane, a silicon polymer. Just pull as much of the cord that you need (that […]

Eco Printer concept offers ink that can be erased
Since everybody out there is trying to go green, we can understand that the use of paper is a sensitive subject to many, especially if you’ve got wasteful habits. Perhaps a concept printer such as this Eco Printer might be the solution that many folks are dreaming about. This printer is designed to use special ink that is composed of photographic materials that disappear when exposed to UV radiation. This […]

G.P. Stamp concept tracks your shipments
You might not always trust courier companies out there to update you on the whereabouts of your package and that’s what the G.P. Stamp concept is designed to solve. This concept device is a small stamp-sized electronic chip with a built-in battery, allowing you to keep tabs on your package. It uses advanced printed electronics to ensure that it’s slim enough to look like postage stamp and critical information will […]

Envy 4G concept phone looks great
While iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 might be the popular operating systems today, there’s nothing stopping you from dreaming about something new. Designers out there have come up with the Envy 4G concept phone that is powered by the MasterMobile OS, which looks something like what a marriage of Windows Phone 7 and iOS would produce. It’s powered by a Carbon chip that features a CPU and GPU bundled […]