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PS3 Slim, live pictures pop all over
A lot of folks are happy that Sony has released a fully featured PS3 at a lower price point (at last!). There are a lot of images being tweeted right now, and while most of them show the official Sony photos, some show what seems to be live images of the PS3 Slim and its box. This is getting people excited! Will Sony address consumers demand (for cheap hardware) and its […]

PS3 Slim enters production (sequel)
The cost-reduced PS3 slim has been the object of rumors for a long time. Photos have appeared earlier this year, and recently Amazon Germany did a snafu by publishing some information about a PS3 “konsole slim” on their website (the info has been removed since). That alone would tell us that the console does exist, and now would be the right time to start producing it, if Sony wants them […]

Xbox 360 Portable
Ben Heck is back, and this time round it is yet another Xbox 360 that has gotten his attention, where he has turned this once-massive home console into a portable format, featuring a built-in Ethernet port, digital push button volume control, improved ventilation, flush-mount DVD drive and the much-vaunted Jasper motherboard. According to Ben Heck, the internal layout is just about identical to the previous model although this time round […]

New Xbox 360 Shipping Next Year
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has let it slip at an Executives Club event in Chicago that a new Xbox 360 will be shipping sometime next year, where it will be integrated with the company’s recently unveiled Project Natal, integrating a “natural interface” and a built-in camera. No idea on how this will affect the pricing structure of the new Xbox 360, but will such news dampen sales of the console […]


Wi-Fi Enabled Consoles Banned From UK Slammers
Prisoners in the UK won’t be able to enjoy the goodness of new generation consoles that offer Wi-Fi connectivity, and this very same spokesperson also let out on the following. “Prisoners in England and Wales have never been allowed access to wireless enabled technology such as that used in some games consoles. A decision was taken some years ago that the then current generation of games consoles should be barred […]

Sony Wants To Win With PSP Go, But Not at Any Price
Since it was announced at E3, the Sony PSP Go and its pricing in particular has created a lot of buzz on the web. If you missed it, PSP Go is not so different from the PSP, except that it basically fixes the portability problem and relies on digital files downloads for game acquisition. As for the pricing, it’s never low enough obviously, but at least we can take a […]

PSP Go and Media Go App Store
The PSP Go was not a big surprise due to the overwhelming amount of leaks that happened over the week end. The Media Go however the big news, it is Sony’s “Itunes” that runs on a PC to sync content with the PSP, Sense Me the equivalent of Genius will display related content that users might like as well. All future PSP apps will be digitaly delivered via the Playstation […]

E3: MGS "Peace Walker" for PSP Kick Ass Preview with Hideo Kojima
Sony PSP announcements just ended with the announcement and the preview of Metal Gear Solid “Peace Walker” on the PSP! Hideo Kojima presented the game and told us that he will be overseeing the development himself and that the MGS team is working on it, it is not a franchise. Kojima said that he will use the PSP features… The game happens in the 70s’, 10 years after Metal Gear […]

PSP Go Revealed
[E3 2009] Once again, the rumors were spot on, except that we now know what the PSP Go will look like, even if the earlier concept was close. Recent leaks have appeared online in the past hour or so. The forums on or Eurogamer have featured photos of the device, set to be presented officially next week at E3 2009. So, far here are the specifications that have leaked: […]

GP2X Wiz Game System
Gamepark Holding has just released its GP2X Wiz Game System which is the sequel to the GP2X. It comes with a new 533MHz 3D processor with flash engine, and boasts a dozen games that have been pre-loaded onto the handheld console to keep you entertained right out of the box. Not only that, Gamepark Holding has also thrown in some demos for upcoming official games to further whet your appetite. […]