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Sony Vaio Z Review
The Vaio Z Series has been re-introduced by Sony at CES 2010 to spearhead its laptop line-up. It is supposed to be the best Sony can offer. It blends raw power and ultra portability in a good looking shell that encompasses a carved aluminum core. In 2010, Sony updated the Z Series with Intel’s latest Core i7 and Core i5 processors, making the new Vaio Z much more powerful, while […]

Newegg shipping dummy Intel Core i7 920?
Several reports on the web have surfaced about a possible issue with Core i7 920 orders at NewEgg – this is one of Intel’s most popular processors (about $270). Apparently, a small number of them are stand-in/demo boxes with a dummy CPU and fan inside. From the couple of YouTube videos (if they are authentic), it looks like dummy boxes that could have been used to validate a design or […]

MacBook Pro Deleted From Best Buy Inventory
With the recent Core i7 MacBook Pro Geekbench scores being leaked, it certainly seems like we’ll be getting an update to Apple’s line of MacBook Pros. Now reports are going around that Best Buy’s inventory system is showing current MacBook Pros in its system as “deleted”, so does it mean that stock is unavailable for the moment, or are they just gearing up for a new version of the MacBook […]

Core i7 MacBook Pro Geekbench Scores Revealed
Are you thinking that Apple’s MacBook Pro line of notebooks is in desperate need of a refresh? Well, a Geekbench scoring has surfaced and it seems that it was created using a Core i7 M620 MacBook Pro, running an unreleased version of Mac OS 10.6.2. According to the benchmark results, the Geekbench results of this MacBook Pro 6,1 provide a nice little boost compared to the current line of MacBook […]


Shuttle SX58J3 series
[CES 2010] Shuttle is an old hand at PC chassis, and their latest SX58J3 series basically targets gamers who want a small footprint of a chassis without compromising on their gaming fix. Why, despite the relatively small case size, the SX58J3 still manages to pack in the following :- Intel X58 chipset Intel Core i7 processor 1+3 Channel DDR3 RAM One 5.25” and two 3.5” drive bays Two PCI-E (x16) […]

Intel's new mobile processors: biggest leap in mobile performance in years
Intel is ready for the February PC update cycle and you can expect to see a flood of Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 laptops at CES 2010. With 11 processor in its new mobile line-up, Intel covers pretty much every segment of price and performance in the notebook and laptop category. When compared to previous architectures, there are a number of improvements. First, the physical chip package is […]