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Alexa & Cortana’s Integration Begins Rolling Out
The digital assistant scene at the moment is feeling very crowded. You have Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, and Bixby, just to name a few of the more popular ones. This has led to the fragmentation of smart home devices which can only use one digital assistant, but not anymore.

How to disable Cortana in Windows 10
In this tutorial, we will be guiding you through the seamless process of turning off Cortana on Windows 10.

Researchers Find That Cortana Can Be Used To Hack Windows 10 PCs
Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant that they have bundled with its Windows operating system. It is designed to help users accomplish various tasks, although it also seems to suffer from a bug that could allow hackers to actually use Cortana to hack the Windows 10 PC that it is installed on.

Study Finds Google Assistant Is The Most Accurate Amongst The Competition
There are many digital assistants in the market today, and obviously not all of them were created equal and according to a recent study conducted by Stone Temple, it seems that they have found that Google Assistant is the most accurate digital assistant amongst the competition, at least as far as this year is concerned.


Cortana May Soon Arrive In Outlook For iOS And Android
Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that it wants to integrate its digital assistant Cortana with as many of its products and services as it possibly can. Perhaps that’s why it’s not surprising to hear that the company has been testing Cortana integration within the Outlook app for iOS and Android. If Microsoft is satisfied with the results that it gets from this test then it may not […]

Microsoft’s Cortana Now Available On IFTTT
While Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant seem to be more well-known as far as digital assistants are concerned, let’s not forget that Microsoft also has Cortana which they’re slowly trying to integrate into apps and devices. In the latest integration, IFTTT has announced that support for Cortana is now available.

Microsoft Launcher For Android Updated With Cortana Integration
While Microsoft hasn’t had much luck on the mobile front with their own brand of devices and software, the company has been trying out a different strategy, which is to get their own services and products onto other mobile platforms, such as Office and even Cortana, their digital assistant which recently launched for the iPad.

Cortana Gets Native iPad Support
Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant has been available on iOS for quite some time now but it didn’t have native support for Apple’s popular tablets right out the gate. Microsoft has finally updated its Cortana for iOS app with native support for the iPad. This means that users can get a proper look and feel from the app on their tablets when they’re using Cortana. Microsoft has optimized the app’s interface […]

HP’s Printers Now Support Voice Controlled Printing
It seems that voice controlled gadgets are becoming a big thing, what with CES 2018 featuring a ton of voice controlled devices, ranging from speakers, to headphones, to smart home appliances, and so on. However if there was one gadget in the home that seemed to be missing voice control would be printers, but HP is here to change that.

Cortana Launches 20% Faster On iOS
Some of the biggest companies that have created their own AI-powered virtual assistants haven’t kept them exclusive to their own platforms. They’ve released iterations of their assistants for other platforms as well. That’s precisely what Microsoft did when it released the revamped version of Cortana for iOS in March last year. It continues to improve the assistant’s performance on iOS. Microsoft says that Cortana now launches 20 percent faster on […]

Cortana Reportedly Moving Out Of Windows 10 Search
Microsoft is already believed to be working on some UI changes for its Cortana personal digital assistant on Windows 10. According to a new report, the company might actually be thinking about moving Cortana from Windows 10 search to the Action Center. Cortana’s entry point has long been located in Windows 10 search and this is the first that we’re hearing of a new home for Cortana on the taskbar.

Microsoft Playing The Long Game In The Digital Assistant Market
As far as digital assistants are concerned, Amazon was considered to be somewhat late to the game and entering into a market where companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google had long established their own digital assistants, but yet Amazon managed to fight their way to the top with Alexa and spawned a series of smart speakers.

How To Turn On Cortana (By Voice)
Cortana is a digital assistant similar to Siri in iPhone. While you need to say “Hey Siri” to summon the digital assistant on your iphone, you need to enable cortana on your Windows machine and then say “Hey Cortana” to make it work. Here’s how to make Cortana always listen for your commands.

GLAS Is A Beautiful Thermostat Powered By Cortana
Johnson Controls and Microsoft have teamed up to build a beautiful smart thermostat called GLAS. This smart home device was first unveiled last year and it features a translucent touchscreen display. Microsoft has now started taking pre-orders for the GLAS. This Cortana-powered thermostat doesn’t come cheap, though.