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The custom-made touchscreen jukebox
Hack A Day recently opened up a forum on their website, and already people are starting to share their ideas and projects. One hack which caught our attention is this touchscreen jukebox from a user called [Elementix]. The custom made jukebox was built using some parts lying around the house and a touchscreen he bought off ebay. He hooked up an old Pentium 4 PC two some car audio speakers […]

Custom Tron Legacy skatecycle
You know that Tron Legacy is going to be huge in the international box office – there is just no doubt about it. After all, with fancy costumes, glow-in-the-dark suits, an extremely flashy sci-fi environment with the customary hot chicks thrown into the mix, you have a winner there – with a marketing juggernaut to help it boost ticket sales at the same time. Well, Tron fever can be said […]