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Webcams Exploited In Recent Major Internet Attack Have Been Recalled
You might have heard about the massive internet attack this past Friday which brought down some of the biggest websites and services on the internet. It was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) on a scale that we’ve probably not even witnessed before. It was later revealed that connected objects and Internet of Things devices such as webcams were used as tools to conduct this elaborate attack. Some of those […]

Lizard Squad Launches DDoS Tool For $5.99 Per Month
Lizard Squad has now become famous for its distributed denial of service or DDoS attacks on popular online gaming services like PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The most recent attack was over Christmas when both services were knocked down by a couple of days by simply flooding the servers with artificial traffic. That attack may very well have been a marketing ploy for Lizard Squad’s new DDoS tool which for a small […]