Dell XPS 13 Review

With the introduction of the Dell XPS 13, Dell manages to come up with an impressive, extremely compact 13” laptop that is just slightly bigger than the Macbook Air 11. Sold at around the same price than the latter, it clearly outperforms its Apple counterpart in terms of specification and would-be “switchers” may want to look twice at the value proposition of this laptop. For those who are worried that […]

Dell announces Project Sputnik pilot program, plans to create a laptop for mobile and web developers

Given the popularity and dependency on apps for our smartphones and tablets these days, perhaps a dedicated computer designed for mobile or web development sounds like a great idea. If that idea appeals to you or someone you know, Dell has announced a new pilot program over the next six months that aims to create a laptop that has been designed for the mobile and web developer in mind. Dubbed […]

Unshipped Alienware laptops with Sandy Bridge will be upgraded to Ivy Bridge for free

Prior to Dell announcing that their series of Alienware laptops would be getting an upgrade to Ivy Bridge, there was a brief moment where the Alienware laptops were refreshed with Sandy Bridge still on board. If you haven’t been following the news, you might have accidentally gone to Dell’s website and plonked down a ton of cash on a laptop only to find out that they have since been upgraded. […]

Dell unleashes XPS and Vostro high performance solutions

Dell has just announced new high performance XPS and Vostro computing solutions for families, multimedia professionals and businesses, where they will all sport the 3rd generation Intel quad-core processors as well as powerful discrete graphics chipsets to help you get the job done. Looking at the XPS 8500 and Vostro 470 desktops first, the former is said to deliver a superb user experience for creative types who want nothing but […]


HP, Dell and Asus Consider Ultrabooks without Optical Drives

Recently surfaced rumors about Apple unveiling its next range of MacBook Pros without an optical drive have led to other rumors that suggest the Cupertino tech giant will offer instead external drives as an option. A report by Digitimes indicates that notebook manufacturers like HP, Dell and Asus are considering following suit based on the success or failure of Apple’s rumored decision. By getting rid of the optical drive in […]

Dell Precision Workstations: The Next Generation

Dell just launched its new Precision workstations in San Francisco. The updated line of computers culminates with the Dell Precision T7600, which features updated internal components such as the dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 CPUs, up to 512GB of RAM, up to Three NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla GPUs and up to 8 internal drives. You can imagine what kind of number crunching such machines can do. From a consumer standpoint, what […]

Dell Alienware M18X R2 With Ivy Bridge Specs Leaked

Though there has been no official announcement yet, the upcoming Alienware gaming laptop M18X R2 have been leaked by Dell Lab which has been known to provide reliable information in the past. The amazing looking laptop will offer the option of three Ivy Bridge mobile CPUs, the i7-3610QM, 2.3GHz, i7-3720QM, 2.6GHz and i7-3820QM, 2.7GHz. To power the 18.4-inch Full HD LCD White-LED Glossy screen, users can decide between the dual […]

Dell reportedly killing its smartphone business in the US

Dell has in the past attempted to break into the smartphone market by introducing their Windows Phone based Venue and Venue Pro series, but now according to a report, it looks like Dell could be killing off their smartphone business in the US completely. This was revealed by an unnamed Dell spokesperson who stated that it was about time for Dell to get out of the smartphone business, and that […]

Dell XPS 13 ultrabook now available for $999.99

A few days ago, we reported that the Dell XPS 13 manuals were leaked ahead of the ultrabook’s launch. This seemed to indicate that the ultrabook was well on its way towards it scheduled launch for the end of February, and if Dell’s first ultrabook offering has caught your attention, time to get your credit cards out as the device has appeared on Dell’s website waiting to be ordered.

Dell XPS 13 manuals leak ahead of launch

Remember the Dell XPS 13 that was unveiled at CES last month? Well the ultrabook was scheduled to arrive at the end of February and it looks like it might be on track. Apparently the manuals for the Dell XPS 13 were leaked on Dell’s official website a few days ago and have been removed since then. Usually, leaked manuals mean that a product is ready and with less than […]

Top 10 CES Gadgets

LG and Samsung 55” OLED TV, At CES, both LG and Samsung have committed to commercialize large-size OLED televisions by the end of the year. While no pricing has been announced yet, the rumored price is said to be hovering around $8000. We don’t know how close this is to reality, but it’s fair to assume that most people won’t be able to afford one the first models. Fortunately, OLED […]

Alienware X51 gaming PC is a milestone

Dell’s Alienware X51 desktop gaming PC marks a major turn for the Alienware brand. We all know the brand for its “absolute performance” orientation, and if you’ve tried to lift a “classic” Alienware Desktop system, you know that these were not the kind of things that one would put in a living room, or bring to a friend’s place for an afternoon.  The Alienware X51 is just the opposite: it’s […]

Dell Streak 7 receives Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

Dell might have stopped selling the Streak 7 in the US, but that does not mean there is no more life in this particular tablet. No sir, a community of unofficial developers have come together to conjure a beta build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, where they borrowed several elements from the Cyanogenmod team. There is a giant disclaimer over here just in case you think that your Streak […]

Dell consumer tablet coming late 2012

Dell has stamped their intention to roll out their first consumer tablet device sometime later this year, and this will certainly intensify the competition in an already crowded market that had seen the end of bitter rival HP’s TouchPad sometime last year. Dell has had its fair share of downs when it comes to the mobile device market, where we have seen their Streak range discontinued in the US (although […]