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Crysis 2 multiplayer demo released
Fans of Crysis have a reason to jump for joy. Crytek, has just released the multiplayer demo of their highly-anticipated first person shooter – Crysis 2. Though a beta version of the complete build leaked out recently, it didn’t have the multiplayer component of the game which is what most gamers have been looking forward to. PC gamers can now experience it with this 2-level, multiplayer demo of the game. […]

DEMO 2011, the best startups are presenting now
It’s that time of the year again: startups are back at DEMO, a historically premier event to launch the best product and companies. We’re covering it LIVE right now from Palm Springs, so if you want to have a quick look at who’s on stage now, check you’re not familiar with DEMO, here’s a small sample of what was launched there in the past: E*Trade, Palm,, WMWare, Salesforce, […]

ecoATM: Recycle your Gadgets and Get Cash
[DEMO Spring 2011] We have published about ecoATM back in 2009, and today, the company is unveiling its next generation, fully automated eCycling Station featuring a built-in cash dispenser like an ATM. Giving financial incentive to make people recycle is the smartest business model for sure, ecoATM trial locations have already recycled tens of thousands of devices devices over the past year and paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

DEMO Spring 2011 - Feb 27- Mar 1, 2011 - Palm Desert
DEMO Spring 2011, taking place February 27-March 1, 2011, in Palm Desert, CA, provides a window into technology’s future and the people and companies who are paving the way.  In just three days, with up to 70 new product demonstrations and 30 AlphaPitch presentations, each carefully selected company has six minutes on the DEMO stage to demonstrate how their product will change the world.  Check past demonstrations at previous DEMO […]


Notion Ink Adam working demo shown on video
There was a lot of negative press surrounding the Notion Ink Adam pre-order a while back, since many folks were complaining that there weren’t any real pictures of the device running, only rendered demos. Now Notion Ink has released a demo video of the tablet in action, showing it performing its functions live. The video shows the Eden user interface in action and hints at the possibility that the device […]

Apple Patents Method to Share iOS Apps, Mac Apps
With the iOS App Store in full swing and its Mac App Store scheduled to open soon, Apple is hoping to extend its leadership in the app market and drive further sales in its digital storefront with a new way for users to share and discover meaningful apps. If your best friend has a cool new game–let’s call it Title Z–that you just saw her play on her new iPhone, […]