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Devialet Gold Phantom 4500 Watt Speaker: Hands-On
Many audiophiles have heard of Devialet because of their outstanding sound quality. However, the general public has had a keen interest ever since the company launched its (compact) Phantom speaker because it’s beautiful and produces incredibly powerful and clear sound at the same time. This size and power an extremely rare combination because at the end of the day, speakers are about moving air, and it’s hard to be powerful […]

Devialet Phantom Speaker Is For The Well Heeled
I suppose the French do happen to have a monopoly of sorts when it comes to fashion and design, and hence, it is far from surprising to hear that French speaker maker Devialet does come up with some exceptionally looking speakers and other audio equipment, although such aesthetics would come at a price, and a very high one at that. Having said that, having churned out high end audio equipment […]