Power Generating Dog Leash

If your pooch has a tendency to keep running long distances away from you while taking walks before you reel it in, this Power Generating Dog Leash will help you make use of all that wasted energy. All that coiling and recoiling of the leash will generate the power to light up the trio of LEDs that are available on this dog leash. To make it even more useful, it […]

BowLingual Voice Translates Barks

Ever wished you could, on a Tarzan-like level, communicate with fearsome beasts of the wild to make them do your bidding? Well, for folks who want to know what their dogs are thinking, TakaraTomy has revealed the BowLingual Voice device that is touted to feature a 100-word vocabulary and an LCD display that lets you know just how your pooch is feeling at the moment. Too bad only the Japanese […]