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DOJ's Boeing 737 Max Probe Expanded To The Dreamliner
The Boeing 737 Max quickly became a commercial success for the company as airlines across the globe placed thousands of orders for the revamped narrow-body jet. However, two fatal crashes merely five months apart led to the grounding of the aircraft as it became evident that there were issues which needed sorting. The Department of Justice has been conducting a probe into the Boeing 737 Max and according to a […]

FAA Making Airlines Reboot Boeing Dreamliners After Three Weeks
The Boeing Dreamliner is a beautiful airplane. It’s also one of the most technologically advanced airplanes in the sky right now but it has had a few problems in getting off the ground. The FAA has advised airlines every step of the way and its latest advisory offers a tried and tested solution for fixing problems with complex machines: turning it off and on again. FAA is making airlines reboot […]