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Nest Cam Could Be The Company’s Upcoming Product Announcement
A report from last week revealed that Nest was planning for a new product announcement come 17th of June. Well if you’re wondering what it could be, especially since details about the announcement was very scarce, wonder no more. It seems that the folks over at Droid-Life have managed to get their hands on photos that reveals the company’s next product.Assuming that the information is accurate, the company could be […]

Dropcam Introduces Legacy Camera Replacement Program
More often than not, companies will not do too much on your behalf once they have announced that they intend to drop support for a particular device. Of course, there will be a letter or a statement that ferries the rather melancholic feeling across, but other than those sappy words, you would most probably be directed to purchase the latest devices or range from said company. Dropcam takes a different […]

Google Considering Move Into Home Security With Dropcam Acquisition [Rumor]
With Google’s purchase of Nest, it seems as though Google could be planning to move into the home automation industry. After all Nest has products like their smart thermostat and their smoke detector, so that’s a good start, right? Now according to a report from The Information, it looks as though Google could be interested in home security as well.The report claims that Google could be considering acquiring Dropcam, a […]