LiSeng Vbook Looks A Bit Like The Microsoft Courier

One look at the LiSeng Vbook and you’ll probably think that it’s the Entourage Edge or Microsoft Courier. That being said, it’s a different device with different specs. If you’re into devices that sport dual-displays, it’s worth checking out, especially since the displays on this one measure in at 5-inches, making it more portable. There isn’t any mention of price or release date, but we do have a video of […]

Viewsonic VE620 And VE625 eBook Readers

With the launch of Apple’s iPad and the dominance of Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader, you can be sure that any manufacturer aiming to break into the eBook reader market will be given a hard time. But despite the odds, Viewsonic doesn’t seem to have made too much effort to differentiate itself from the pack with its VEB620 and VEB625 eBook readers. Both E-ink readers are able to handle ePub, RTF […]

DIY Pixel Qi Display Kits Coming In Q2 Of 2010

Dissatisfied with the performance of your laptop’s LCD display under direct sunlight? Well, fear not, as it seems that there will be DIY Pixel Qi displays come Q2 of 2010, and you’ll be able to replace your own laptop screen with one from Pixel Qi, which will most likely be a 10-inch module. The wonders of a Pixel Qi display will then be bestowed upon your laptop, such as being […]

Nintendo DSi XL turns into ebook reader

Guess Nintendo knows that ebooks could very well be the next big thing, so why not push forward the advantage of its DSi XL’s larger display (4.2″) by offering a downloadable package of ebooks known as 100 classic books, where it will hit Wii channels this coming June 14th onwards for $20. Guess classics will never grow old, and we hope to relive the adventures of The Three Musketeers and […]


Mirasol ultralow-power display hands-on

[MWC 2010] I’m holding in my hand the latest, best and largest version of Mirasol – an ultra-low power display that could power the next-generation of Color Kindle and many more ebook readers. Not only does the display consume only a fraction of what an LCD would, but it is also very readable in direct sunlight. In average lighting conditions, it is not as bright as an LCD, but the […]

Neonode zBook ebook touchscreen platform

Neonode has announced its latest ebook touchscreen platform which is better known as zBook. This relatively low cost touchscreen interface reference design specially caters for ebook readers, and is based on the patented zForce touchscreen technology which falls under Neonode’s jurisdiction. It will target potential buyers who sell and develop ebook readers, where such hardware can then take advantage of 100% transparent touch windows, finger and stylus input capability and […]

Live Pictures Of Asus DR-950 eBook Reader

We previously mentioned an OLED Asus eBook reader to you, and now Asus UK has posted some pictures of the DR-950 eBook reader on Flickr, so we guess that’s what the device will be called. If the pictures are anything to go buy, the device is going to look real slick and the text seems to display real well. It seems like Amazon’s Kindle is going to have a real […]

Asus OLED ebook reader

Word from The Times of the UK reports that Asus will be rolling out a new ebook reader to join the many other ebook readers in the market with an OLED-capable version that also boasts Flash playback support. Apparently, Asus will also throw in Wi-Fi and UMTS connectivity that further blurs the already razor thin lines between a slate and a tablet computer. Touted to be called the Asus DR570, […]

French retailers unhappy about eBooks success

Almost everybody looks to be welcome the wave of E-book readers, and there have been a great many of those little devices at CES 2010. Book retailers on the other hand, are rather unhappy about the whole issue, and it seems that book retailers in France are particularly unhappy about it all, as the 5 major French bookstore chains are ganging up and trying to set up a “national e-book […]

Teclast K3 ebook reader

Teclast has rolled out its K3 ebook reader that comes with a standard 6″ E-Ink display. Hmm, is the ebook reader market on its way to being another netbook mania, where virtually everyone shares the same specifications? Well, the K3 comes with Text-to-Speech functionality which might win some brownie points for those who make use of such functionality, although those of us who have experienced voice synthesizing would have come […]

enTourage eDGe dualbook unveiled

[CES 2010] How apt for enTourage to unveil their eDGe dualbook at, well, CES Unveiled. This is the first dualbook in the world, and assuming the model form factor takes off, it won’t be the last but might just spawn off a slew of other similar devices. The eDGe takes a different approach by featuring two displays (as you can infer from above), merging the functions of an e-reader, tablet, […]

Dulin Books to ship Boox 60

E-book readers are surely gaining momentum with Dulin Books announcing that they will be shipping their own e-book reader known as the Boox 60 in due time, where it will come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity alongside a WebKit-based browser. This browser is good enough to handle news views, blogs and other wiki sites alongside the ability to download further reading content for the reader. It comes with a 6″ […]

Sony Reader Daily Edition To Get Wall Street Journal And New York Times

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that Sony has announced the Reader Daily Edition way back in August; though at the time there wasn’t any confirmation as to which newspapers would be offered for the reader. With the reader going on sale before 2010, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the New York Post have been confirmed to be offered on the reader. The WSJ will be available […]

Creative to enter e-book market

Creative is certainly thinking outside of the box by announcing of their plans to enter the e-book market, where the first working model of that dream is known as the MediaBook which will boast a touchscreen display (what else did you expect?), text-to-speech functionality, an SD memory card slot and Creative’s very own Zii Technology to complement its Internet connectivity for a complete multimedia experience. Creative hopes that their MediaBook […]