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Elecom TK-TCT005BK keypad and trackpad
Elecom’s TK-TCT005BK might resemble a notebook trackpad to some at first glance (an external version, of course), but it is interesting to note that the Elecom TK-TCT005BK can also be turned into a touch-based numeric USB pad with a push of a button, letting you “obtain” an almost instantaneous numeric pad to any computer when plugged in. Out in Japan later this month, we wonder whether import shops elsewhere will […]

Elecom TK-U50F Series keyboard
In this day and age, it is surprising to see a PS/2 keyboard make an appearance. Even so, one that arrives ought to be something special to carry such ancient technology, and the Elecom TK-U50F Series keyboard doesn’t “disappoint” in this sense. It comes without Hiragana written on the key tops, while a curved key layout will benefit folks who repeatedly use the same keys or work for long hours […]

Elecom U2H-TC410B Wall Socket USB Hub
Try asking a friend for the Elecom U2H-TC410B and you’ll end up all tongue tied. Why not call this the Elecom Wall Socket USB hub instead, where everyone who speaks English will be able to understand just what you’re asking for? This device is pretty much self-explanatory, where it comes with magnetic backing or a set of included hooks that allows you to gain easy access to four USB 2.0 […]

Elecom Reine USB Flash Drive
Elecom gets flashy this time round with their Reine USB flash drive that will come in 8GB and 16GB configurations, featuring pleasant-looking pastel colors alongside some poorly translated French scribbled on top of them. No idea on how much they’ll cost, but considering how hilarious Engrish is, having some Frinsh (you heard it here first!) would be a pleasant change.


Elecom M-PG2DL Micro Grast Laser Mouse
Elecom is back with their $85.99 “Micro Grast” Laser Mouse, and one might actually mistake this handset as designed by Tony Stark himself, considering it comes in a fitted body shape that offers precise calculation and control. Gotta love the way the lines run across both sides, giving it the Iron Man armor look. It will work over a 2.4GHz band and boasts a battery time of up to 60 […]

Elecom Unveils USB Switch With USB Hub
Elecom of Japan has just rolled out a couple of USB switches that will come with a 2- and 7-port USB hub, respectively. In other words, it allows you to share anywhere from two to seven USB-connected devices over a couple of computers without going through the hassle of installing a private network. Perfect for SOHO setups as well as room mates, although we would much rather take the extra […]