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Facebook 'Marauder's Map' Enables Users To Track Friend's Location Rapidly
Well, this news can seriously make you re-check your Facebook Messenger setting right away. A new Chrome Extension is making waves in the market and its main function is to provide the location data of your Facebook friends, basically all the places they have been to.

Google Chrome Receives 'OK, Google' Voice Search Extension
If you’ve seen Motorola’s “Lazy Phone” ads for its Moto X, you’ll know just how silly our current “dumb” phones can be considering how much we have to interact with them with our hands in order to get anything out of them. The purpose of the commercial was to show how the Moto X has the ability to always listen to the user, making it possible to interact with it […]

Google+ Notifications now available for Google Chrome
If you’re a heavy Google+ user, and Google Chrome is your browser of choice, you’re in luck. Google has just released an official Chrome extension that brings the social network right to your very browser. You know that little red notifications box that’s on the top right corner of every Google service you’re signed into? With the extension, you can have that box on your browser itself, next to your […]

Google Music unofficial extension now available on Chrome browsers
Not everybody has gotten their hands on an invite to the Google Music beta, but that doesn’t stop people from developing extensions for it. Level 2 Studios has come up with an unofficial extension for Google Chrome that gives you the option to listen to your Google Music from the browser without having to open up the website. With the extension, users can song scrobble, “love” songs on Last.FM, Google […]