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Facebook Gets Its Foot In The Door In China
Facebook is one of the many services that’s blocked in China. One of the world’s largest countries is off limits to the world’s largest social network. Facebook remains banned in the country but the company has been able to get its foot in the door in China by launching a subsidiary down in the People’s Republic.

Facebook Confirms Internet Satellite Launch For 2019
Facebook had been working on the Aquila drone to deliver internet access to remote areas. However, the company recently decided to pull the plug on this project. It confirmed that it will no longer design and manufacture its internet drones. Facebook said that this project was not necessary when “leading companies” in aerospace are already developing their own high-altitude solutions for this purpose. Facebook is going in a different direction […]

Facebook To Start Enforcing Age Policy Actively
Facebook requires that users on the social network and Instagram be at least 13 years of age. That is partly due to the requirement to comply with the U.S. Child Online Privacy Protection Act. However, a recent investigation revealed that those rules were often ignored. The investigation was conducted by an undercover journalist from UK’s Channel 4 who started working as a Facebook content reviewer.

Facebook Will Take Down Fake News That Encourages Violence
Facebook has a fake news problem and the company knows it. The company has also come up with all kinds of ways of dealing with the problem, whether it be flagging posts that might be fake, offering up verified sources as alternatives, and so on. Now according to Facebook, they have announced that they will now actively take down fake news posts that encourage violence.


Facebook Wants To Sync Instagram Contacts With Messenger
Considering that Facebook owns a bunch of social media-related products and services, it’s not surprising that the company would want them to synchronize with each other on some level. In fact at some point there was a bit of controversy as Facebook wanted WhatsApp to share their user data with them.

Facebook Reportedly Hires One Of Google's Top Chip Developers
Facebook has been working on its own chips and if a new report is to be believed, the company has poached one of the top chip developers at Google to help achieve its objective. Facebook reportedly started in-house chip development earlier this year when a new team was created to work on chips that would be used for servers and consumer devices.

Facebook Watch Gets Breaking News From Next Week
There’s a reason why Facebook has been reducing the time that breaking news gets in the News Feed because it’s adding a dedicated section for breaking news to its Facebook Watch platform. The company launched its Facebook Watch platform recently to deliver TV-style content. It has been inking lucrative deals to bring more content to the platform and it has now done so for news programming.

Facebook Messenger Tests Flagging DMs From Fake Accounts
Facebook is taking concrete steps to stop the spread of misinformation on its platform. The company has revealed that it’s testing a new system which will flag the direct messages that a user receives from fake accounts. The feature will provide the user with additional information about DMs from unknown contacts such as whether the account was created recently and what sort of phone number was used to log in.

Facebook News Feed AR Ads Being Tested
Facebook’s News Feed is where you keep up with all that’s happening on the social network. It’s also where you get to see different kinds of ads and now you can add another to the list. Facebook announced today that it has started testing augmented reality ads in the News Feed.

Facebook Reportedly In Talks For Cristiano Ronaldo Reality Show
Facebook has been adding a variety of original content to its Watch platform for TV-style content and a new report suggests that the company is in talks for what may be its biggest original series yet. Facebook is reportedly in discussions for a reality show centered around global soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Facebook Broadcast Deal For Premier League Games Confirmed
It was recently reported that Facebook was in negotiations to acquire exclusive broadcast rights for Premier League games in Asia. Facebook has been serious about bringing sports streams to its platform and it has even hired Eurosport CEO Peter Hutton for the purpose. The company’s latest deal is reportedly worth £200 million which will allow it to broadcast Premier League games in Asia.

Facebook’s Latest AI Acquisition Could Help Tackle Fake News
Social media networks like Facebook have a fake news problem. This is because Facebook allows users to share all kinds of articles, even if they are not necessarily true. Facebook has been taking steps to combat the problem with all kinds of reporting tools, and it seems that their latest acquisition could tackle the problem even more efficiently.

Federal Investigation Into Facebook Data Breach Reportedly Broadened
Facebook’s data breach with Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy, has long been in the news. The company has since taken major steps to address some of the privacy concerns while also answering questions posed by quarters concerned. Its CEO Mark Zuckerberg also appeared before Congress to testify on the matter. The case may not have been closed, though, as it’s reported that federal agencies have now broadened their investigation of […]

Facebook To Shut Down Three Of Its Mobile Applications
From time to time Facebook releases new apps that are designed to make our lives easier and more convenient, although sometimes these apps don’t necessarily achieve the same level of success as Facebook would have liked. The company has in the past launched and shuttered some of its apps, such as Groups and Lifestage, and it looks like they’re not quite done yet.