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Facebook To Shut Down Three Of Its Mobile Applications
From time to time Facebook releases new apps that are designed to make our lives easier and more convenient, although sometimes these apps don’t necessarily achieve the same level of success as Facebook would have liked. The company has in the past launched and shuttered some of its apps, such as Groups and Lifestage, and it looks like they’re not quite done yet.

Facebook Bug Unblocked Users For 800,000 Accounts
Facebook has announced today that more than 800,000 users were affected by a bug that unblocked some of the people that they blocked on the world’s largest social network. The company mentions that the bug didn’t reinstate any friend connections that were broken once the account in question was blocked, but it did present the blocked person with the opportunity to message the user who blocked them. Blocking someone on […]

Facebook Looking To Acquire English Premier League Broadcast Rights
Facebook has been padding its video offering by acquiring streaming rights for major sporting events and it appears that the company is working on a big deal in this space. According to a new report, Facebook is a contender to acquire broadcast rights for the English Premier League in several markets across Southeast Asia.

Facebook Patent Details Tech That Triggers Your Smartphone's Mic
Facebook has long been accused of tapping into users’ smartphone to deliver targeted advertising but it has always denied the accusation. However, the company has now filed for a patent which details technology which can trigger a smartphone’s microphone when it picks up secret messages hidden in TV advertisements. The technology will signal the devices to start recording when the signal is picked up.


You Can Now Snooze Keywords On Facebook
Facebook today announced a new way to control your News Feed. Are you tired of reading spoilers from your favorite show in your News Feed? This feature will go a long way in ensuring your peace of mind by allowing you to snooze certain keywords for a limited time. Keyword Snooze is a new feature that Facebook is now beginning to test with select.

Facebook Scraps Its Internet Drone Project
We’ve known for a while that Facebook has been working on bringing the internet to more remote locations, and this was achieved through the use of drones. This is a similar endeavor that other companies such as Google have taken on in the past, but in the case of Facebook it looks like their internet drone efforts have come to an end.

Facebook Developing 'Your Time On Facebook' Feature
Many tech companies are building features into their services now so that their users can get more insights into the time that they’re spending. Google is building such features into Android and it was recently discovered that Instagram is developing this as well. Now it appears that its parent company is jumping on the bandwagon as well. An unreleased feature has been spotted in the Facebook app which reveals that […]

Facebook Messenger Gets Spanish Translation Support For Messages
Facebook today announced that the built-in artificial intelligence assistant in Messenger is now capable of translating messages from Spanish and English. The feature works the other way around as well so users will be able to get their messages translated from English to Spanish as well inside the app. This feature has gone live for all users in the United States and Mexico starting today.

Facebook Takes Fight Against Fake News To More Countries
Facebook has been hard at work over the past year and a half to combat the fake news problem on its platform. It’s fighting misinformation through a combination of human review and technology. The world’s largest social network has removed fake accounts and has also teamed up with fact-checkers as part of this effort. Acknowledging that this effort will never be finished and that it still has a lot more […]

Facebook Will Redirect Opioid Searches To A Crisis Helpline
One of the “problems” with the internet being so free and open is that you can find all kinds of information online, even if they’re not necessarily deemed to be good, such as being able to search for drugs online. While Facebook doesn’t exactly own the internet, they do play a huge part in it and they are looking to do their part.

Facebook Testing Out Paid Subscription Groups
Facebook’s Groups feature can be used for all sorts of things, such as for friends to share updates with each other, hobby groups, local communities, and so on. However could there be a need for premium Groups that share exclusive content for a price? That’s what Facebook seems to think so.

Facebook Users Will Be Able To Live Stream The PGA Tour
The Watch tab in Facebook offers users a variety of video content that they can watch without having to leave the social network. It has been inking streaming deals with sports leagues to bring exclusive content to the Watch tab as well and now Facebook has inked one such deal with the PGA Tour. It will enable its users to stream eight PGA Tour tournaments live through the Watch tab […]

Facebook Brings Autoplay Video Ads To Messenger
Ads in Facebook Messenger are nothing new, Facebook has long monetized its popular messaging service and now it’s kicking things up a notch in a way that may not sit well with some users. Facebook has reportedly started rolling out autoplay video ads inside Messenger which means that user will now see video ads next to their private messages.

Facebook Now Requires Explicit Consent From Advertisers
Following their data privacy scandal and numerous revelations about how Facebook handles user data, the company is under intense scrutiny as they move forward. Facebook seems to be aware of that and has recently made some changes, one of which now requires advertisers gain explicit consent in order to do email or phone targeted based ads.