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Facebook To Redesign Messenger To Make It Simpler
Facebook Messenger has definitely evolved over the years since its first inception where it existed as an in-app messaging system for Facebook. The company eventually spun it out to exist on its own where they included a bunch of features to it, such as games, Stories, and even the ability for users to send money to each other.

Facebook Will Soon Add Dating Features
Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is going after the likes of Tinder by adding dating features on its platform. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed during the company’s annual F8 developers conference today that the social network is adding dating features to its main mobile app. Never before has Facebook offered such features even though it enabled users to tell their friends and followers their relationship status ever since the […]

Zuckerberg Faces Summons If He Declines To Testify In The U.K.
While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently testified before Congress following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, he declined an invitation to appear before a parliamentary committee in the United Kingdom last month. The committee had requested him to appear and testify after it was reported that Cambridge Analytica had obtained information of millions of Facebook users improperly. The committee has now sent another invitation to the Facebook CEO and also said […]

Facebook Introduces A 'Clear History' Privacy Tool
Facebook’s privacy tools and data practices have come under the microscope recently following the data privacy scandal that resulted in the personal information of millions of Facebook users being misused. Ahead of the company’s F8 developers’ conference today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new privacy tool called “Clear History” through a post on his personal Facebook page.


Facebook Expanding Downvote Button To Australia, New Zealand
Ahead of the launch of Facebook’s Reactions feature, there were reports that Facebook could be looking to launch a “dislike” button instead. However Facebook launched Reactions which admittedly does provide a wide array of ways to interact with posts, but it seems that the dislike button is still alive and well.

WhatsApp’s Other Co-Founder Announces Plans To Leave The Company
WhatsApp was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, with the latter departing the company back in 2017 several years after Facebook had acquired the company. Now it looks like WhatsApp’s other co-founder, Jan Koum, will also be leaving the company according to an announcement he shared on Facebook.

Facebook Will Literally Shrink Fake News To Make Them Less Visible
Facebook has been fighting fake news from being shared and posted on its platform and have come up with all kinds of ways to deal with it. One of those ways in the past was by actually warning users of a fake news article with a huge red warning label, but unfortunately this backfired as it made users want to share it even more.

Facebook Messenger For Kids Gets A New ‘Sleep Mode’
As if it wasn’t bad enough that adults spend so much time buried in their phones and computers, Facebook decided to launch Messenger for Kids where it provides a way for kids to keep in touch with each other, at least through Facebook’s platform. The good news for parents is that Facebook has recently introduced a new feature that should help manage your kid’s time on the platform.

Facebook Introduces New Tools For Fundraising
Facebook does not only provide a way for friends to stay in touch with each other. It also allows companies to reach out to their customers, and also for charity organizations to raise awareness and also funding, which Facebook has released fundraising tools in the past. In a recent post on its website, Facebook has since announced new fundraising initiatives.

Sheryl Sandberg Claims Facebook ‘Thought About’ Paid Subscriptions
At the moment Facebook is free, but one of the ways they make money is by selling ad space to companies who will then market their products to users based on user preference, likes, and so on. However if you could opt out of ads by paying a subscription every month, is that something you might be interested in doing?

Facebook Details How They Remove Extremist Content From Its Platform
When it comes to dealing with the sharing and spreading of extremist content online, companies like Google and Facebook already have ways of dealing with them. However it could always be improved upon which is what Facebook has been doing. In a report from the company, they have detailed some of what they’ve been doing to counter such content.

Facebook Smart Speaker Launch Has Reportedly Been Delayed
Facebook is believed to be working on a smart speaker of its own that the company is due to release in the coming months. It was expected that the device would be out over the summer but if a new report is to be believed, Facebook has delayed the launch of its smart speaker until October this year.

Facebook Reportedly Developing Slack-Like Messenger For High Schools
facebook logoSo we know that Facebook has a Messenger designed for kids but apparently their interest in developing more products for kids has not ended there. According to a report from TNW, it seems that the social network is trialing out High School Networks for Messenger, which apparently is a Slack-like communications platform designed for high schools.

This Is What Facebook’s Unsend Message Feature Looks Like
When it was discovered that Facebook had been rescinding messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg to some users, there was a bit of an uproar considering that Facebook currently does not have an “unsend” feature. However Facebook quickly responded by saying that they were working on one.