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Facebook Will Redirect Opioid Searches To A Crisis Helpline
One of the “problems” with the internet being so free and open is that you can find all kinds of information online, even if they’re not necessarily deemed to be good, such as being able to search for drugs online. While Facebook doesn’t exactly own the internet, they do play a huge part in it and they are looking to do their part.

Facebook Testing Out Paid Subscription Groups
Facebook’s Groups feature can be used for all sorts of things, such as for friends to share updates with each other, hobby groups, local communities, and so on. However could there be a need for premium Groups that share exclusive content for a price? That’s what Facebook seems to think so.

Facebook Users Will Be Able To Live Stream The PGA Tour
The Watch tab in Facebook offers users a variety of video content that they can watch without having to leave the social network. It has been inking streaming deals with sports leagues to bring exclusive content to the Watch tab as well and now Facebook has inked one such deal with the PGA Tour. It will enable its users to stream eight PGA Tour tournaments live through the Watch tab […]

Facebook Brings Autoplay Video Ads To Messenger
Ads in Facebook Messenger are nothing new, Facebook has long monetized its popular messaging service and now it’s kicking things up a notch in a way that may not sit well with some users. Facebook has reportedly started rolling out autoplay video ads inside Messenger which means that user will now see video ads next to their private messages.


Facebook Now Requires Explicit Consent From Advertisers
Following their data privacy scandal and numerous revelations about how Facebook handles user data, the company is under intense scrutiny as they move forward. Facebook seems to be aware of that and has recently made some changes, one of which now requires advertisers gain explicit consent in order to do email or phone targeted based ads.

Facebook Will Ban Businesses With Bad Customer Service From Advertising
Ads on Facebook is a powerful resource for businesses trying to win new customers but it’s also common for bad shopping experiences to be enabled on Facebook through these ads. Facebook’s Community Standards and ad policies didn’t apply to this before and the company is now making some changes to that. The social network will ban businesses with bad customer service and repeated negative reviews from advertising.

Facebook’s Memories Can Now Be Accessed From A Dedicated Page
If you’ve noticed, Facebook has this Memories feature where depending on the day, they will resurface an old photo/video/post at the top of your News Feed that you shared on the same day a year or a few years ago. This is a great way to reminisce with friends and family, but what if you wanted to revisit those memories? Is Facebook's Own Video Streaming Hub
Video game streaming is quite popular these days and millions of people spend more than a few hours every week to watch other people play games. Services like Twitch already exist to cater to those gamers and even YouTube has added a game streaming component. It has been possible to stream games to Facebook as well and now the social network wants a bigger piece of the pie which is […]

Facebook To Cut Back On Those ‘Now Connected’ Notifications
Every now and then Facebook sends users notifications on Messenger where it prompts them that someone they know has joined Facebook. We suppose it’s a friendly reminder in case there are old friends that you wanted to message, although admittedly for the most part these notifications tend to be more annoying than anything.

Facebook Had Special Deals That Gave Companies Access To Data Past 2015
According to Facebook, they claimed that they had cut off developer access to data of users and their friends in 2015 following the discovery that Cambridge Analytica had abused its access. However in a new report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that Facebook was still allowing some companies to continue to access user data and those of their friends.

Facebook Bug Accidentally Made Private Status Updates Public
Companies such as Facebook have tools and options that lets users choose who can see their posts. This means that if you’re a private person and want to keep your status updates and posts private, you can mark that option. However what use is an option if it doesn’t work properly, right?

Facebook Winding Down Data-Sharing Partnership With Huawei
The New York Times recently reported on a data-sharing partnership between Facebook and Huawei. The report mentioned that the agreement between the companies dates back to 2010 and provided Huawei with special access to the data of Facebook users. The partnership was part of Facebook’s efforts to enable smartphone manufacturers to build Facebook-like experiences and make the social network’s services more convenient for users. Facebook has now said that it […]

Facebook Introduces A Bunch Of New Video Features
YouTube is more or less the de facto platform when it comes to watching videos online, but Facebook has been trying for the past few years to come up with ways to entice users to upload and share on its platform. The company has recently announced that they will be introducing some new features that will hopefully make it more appealing to users.

Apple Denies Receiving Data From Facebook
Facebook’s privacy practices were called into question once again recently when a report claimed that the company had provided sensitive user data to at least 60 device makers, including the likes of Apple and Samsung. Apple CEO Tim Cook has commented on the matter, claiming in an interview with NPR that Apple has never received any data from Facebook and neither has it ever requested the social network for such […]