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Counter-Strike, DotA 2 Tournaments Will Now Exclusively Stream Via Facebook
Recently Blizzard and Twitch came to an agreement in which the Overwatch League would be broadcasted on the platform. This decision proved to be a huge success, racking up over 10 million viewers in its first week. Now it seems like ESL wants the same thing, except that with Facebook.

Facebook’s ‘Watch Party’ Lets Users Watch Videos Together
One of the features of Facebook Live is the ability for users to watch the video together and interact with each other, such as commenting on the video, posting their reactions, and so on. Now it seems that Facebook is bringing a similar feature to other videos in the form of “Watch Party”.

Facebook Will Remove Clutter From Messenger This Year
Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used cross-platform messaging services available today. What started out as an app that allowed Facebook users to stay in touch with each other now offers a plethora of features on top of its core feature set. It offers features that include Stories, a gaming platform, the ability to make payments, and chatbots. That makes the app feel a lot cluttered, though, and […]

Apple Reportedly Met Up With AR Component Suppliers At CES 2018
While one of the aspects of CES is for companies to announce new products, advancements in technology, prototypes, and so on, there is also a lot that goes behind the scenes, where companies might meet up with each other to discuss partnerships, show off unreleased products and the likes.


Your Facebook News Feed Will Start Displaying More Posts From Friends
Facebook was designed as a way for people to connect with each other, such as classmates in college, which was later expanded to cover people from high school, friends at work, people you’ve just met, and so on. However in recent times, it’s starting to feel like the original intention behind Facebook is getting lost, but that’s something Facebook wants to change.

Facebook Messenger Kids Now Available On Amazon Fire Tablets
Facebook Messenger Kids was launched in December last year. As the name suggests, it’s an iteration of the popular cross-platform messaging app that’s aimed at kids. It’s a standalone child-friendly version of the popular Messenger app that has enhanced parental controls which enable parents to supervise their kids’ use of the app. The Facebook Messenger Kids app is now available on Amazon Fire tablets.

Facebook Testing New App Section For Local Events And News
Facebook wants to make it easier for its users to find local news and discover local events from authentic and vetted sources. It’s testing a new section in its main app called “Today In.” The section displays a feed that only features local events, announcements, and news. It’s running this test in a handful of markets only in the United States right now.

Facebook's Echo Show Rival May Cost $499
It appears that Google isn’t the only company that’s thinking about developing an Amazon Echo Show rival. According to a new report, Facebook is working on a similar product called Portal and that it’s going to priced at $499.

Facebook M Virtual Assistant Being Shut Down
Facebook entered into the virtual assistant space with “M” back in 2015. It took a different approach, though, compared to the likes of Siri and Alexa. The Facebook Messenger service had a human-assisted part which meant that it was monitored regularly by humans to help grow the platform. This enabled M to person tasks like booking reservations, order gifts, and more. This particular version of M was only released to […]

Facebook Inks Music Licensing Deal With Sony
Facebook confirmed late last year that it has signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Universal Music Group. The deal allows Facebook users to upload videos that include a song even if they don’t own the rights to it. In the past, Facebook would eventually remove videos that contained songs that were not owned by the uploader. Facebook has now inked a similar deal with Sony.

Facebook Watch Gets Clips From CBS Late-Night Shows
CBS has a great lineup of late-night talk shows and clips from these shows often get a lot of traction on YouTube. That’s why it’s not surprising to see them pop up on Facebook’s Watch platform. Facebook Watch is a new platform for videos on Facebook that the world’s largest social network launched in August last year.

Apple Wants To Help Shrink Online Videos To Ease Data Consumption
Video files can get pretty big, especially if you start to increase its resolution. While the higher resolution does make things clearer, it also means that more data needs to be consumed which can be noticeable especially if you’re using a mobile data plan. However it looks like Apple wants to help with that.

Zuckerberg Makes Fixing Facebook His 'Personal Challenge' For 2018
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg likes to give himself a personal challenge every year. He has been doing this since 2009. Personal challenges in the past have included things like “read more books” and “meet new people.” 2018’s challenge is a bit more different and it’s going to have a much bigger impact.

Instagram Stories Can Be Posted Straight To WhatsApp
Facebook often tests new methods to link some of its popular services together. In October last year, the company allowed users to post their Instagram Stories directly to Facebook. It’s now working on something similar for WhatsApp. The company is testing a new feature that will enable Instagram users to post their Stories directly to WhatsApp.