Facebook Makes Big Change To Trending Topics Following Controversy

A couple of months ago it was reported that contractors responsible for including news items inside the News Feed’s Trending Topics section were suppressing news of interest to political conservatives on purpose. Facebook obviously denied the allegations but nevertheless, it has spent the past few months trying to control the damage and ensure that the conservative user base does not go away. Following the controversy, it has decided to make […]

WhatsApp Will Now Share User Data With Facebook

This was bound to happen. It was predicted when Facebook acquired WhatsApp that this would inevitably happen and the company has indeed confirmed it today. WhatsApp will start sharing user data with Facebook. This includes sharing users’ phone numbers to provide them with “better friend suggestions” as well as “relevant ads.”

Facebook Testing A New ‘Add Contact’ Feature For Messenger

Right now if you wanted to message someone on Facebook Messenger and if you guys aren’t friends, you’ll get a message request. This lets you chat with the other person without necessarily having to add them as friends. However Facebook appears to be testing some kind of new feature for its Messenger app that’s a different take on the current system.

Facebook Testing Autoplay News Feed Videos With Sound On

Facebook is conducting a test with users in select markets. Those users will find that any and all videos in their News Feed will start playing automatically as they scroll by. That’s not all. These autoplay videos will have their sound turned on by default. Autoplay videos are not a new concept to Facebook and Twitter users, however, many won’t like the sound to be turned on in these videos […]


Instagram Hits 1 Billion Milestone On Google Play Store

There are only a handful of applications that have hit the one billion downloads milestone on the Google Play Store. A couple of them belong to Google and some others to Facebook. Another Facebook-owned service now sees its app hit one billion downloads on the Play Store. It’s Instagram, the photo sharing service that took the world by storm a few years ago and was subsequently acquired by the world’s […]

Not Being Yourself On Facebook Might Affect Your Mental Health

Given that it is easy to create a new account with a new name and a new photo, it is tempting to try and reinvent yourself online to someone very different from who you are in real life, but apparently that might not be such a good idea. Moral implications aside, it would seem that not being yourself on social media platforms like Facebook could affect your mental health.

Facebook Launches New App Aimed At Teens Called ‘Lifestage’

Several years ago, a study found that Facebook’s use amongst teens was starting to decline, and a study from earlier this year found that apps such as Snapchat proved to be a more popular way of how teens stay in touch with each other. However that’s something that Facebook wants to change.

Facebook Is Developing A Desktop Gaming Platform With Unity

Game engine company Unity and Facebook have announced today that they are working on a new desktop gaming platform for the social network. This partnership is also going to enable developers to easily port their games to Facebook. Interested developers can apply for a closed alpha of the export tool by August 31st, the tool will be integrated directly into the Unity Editor.

Facebook Messenger Bots Can Now Send You Ads

Facebook is a free service and it promises to always remain free. However, the company does need to generate a significant amount of money to keep the machine running and it does that by serving advertisements. Ads inevitably come to almost every new feature or experience that’s built into Facebook and that’s now happening to Facebook Messenger’s bot platform. Bots in Facebook Messenger will soon be able to send users […]

Facebook Just Found A Workaround Around Adblock Plus’ Workaround

As you might have heard, Facebook announced that they have found a way around ad blockers, basically meaning that whether you like it or not, Facebook will now display ads even if you have an ad blocker installed. Naturally some weren’t too thrilled by this, one of them being Adblock Plus.

Facebook Tweaking News Feed To Bring You Useful News

The News Feed is integral to the Facebook experience. It’s the first thing you see when you open the social network and it’s where the majority of your interactions with friends and pages take place. The company regularly tweaks News Feed to improve its performance and to serve up content that’s relevant to each individual user. Facebook said today that it’s tweaking News Feed once again, this time the focus […]

Adblock Plus Defeats Facebook’s Anti-Adblocking Measures

Facebook announced earlier this week that it has developed a new method of serving ads to users who have ad blockers enabled on the desktop version of its website. It will now be able to show those users ads even if they have the ad blocker switched on. Adblock Plus, a popular extension used by millions to block ads, has announced today that it has already defeated Facebook’s anti-adblocking measures.

Adblock Plus Calls Facebook Decision To Bypass Ad Blockers ‘Anti-User’

Facebook makes the bulk of its revenues by serving advertisements to its billion-plus users. A significant chunk of those ads are served on mobile but the company has been feeling the pinch from desktop users who ad blockers enabled to have an ad-free Facebook experience. Facebook has announced that it has made changes to the way ads are served on the desktop version of the site and they will now […]

You Will Soon No Longer Be Able To Block Ads On Facebook

Ads can be intrusive and sometimes ugly when not implemented properly, or when they’re completely irrelevant. We’re sure we’ve all seen those “work from home” ads, and how someone from your country made X amount of money, “click here to find out how”. We get it, there are ads that seem spammy which is where tools like ad blockers come into play.