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Facebook Internet Drone Being Investigated For Structrual Failure
We’ve seen Facebook take a few big steps over the past couple of years to bring the internet to places across the globe that still don’t have reliable access to it. Most of its efforts have revolved around collaborations with local carriers and free Wi-Fi providers but it has also been working on an ambitious project of beaming down connectivity using solar powered drones. Aquila, Facebook’s first internet drone, is […]

Facebook Testing Feature That Helps You Find Free Public WiFi
Looking for free public WiFi can be tricky. Most of the time public WiFi services tend to require users to sign up, and even then their service is spotty. You could always try your luck at a cafe, but those tend to be password protected, and unless there’s a Starbucks nearby, you might have to end up tethering your phone.

New Facebook Malware Spreading As Image File That Downloads More Malware
Security researcher Bart Blaze has discovered a new form of malware spreading on Facebook. The malware is disguised in a seemingly innocent image file which when downloaded on a computer ends up automatically downloading more malware to infect the machine. The malware is being distributed via images in .SVG format through Facebook accounts that have been compromised.

Zuckerberg Details Steps To Combat Fake News On Facebook
Facebook’s fake news problem has been highlighted time and again following the elections. One report even suggested that the social network had created a fix for the issue but top executives didn’t implement it over fears of backlash. Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously had a strong position on the matter but he’s singing a different tune now by detailing some of the steps being taken by Facebook to […]


College Students Develop Chrome Extension That Identifies Fake News
A couple of days ago we reported that a Chrome extension had been developed that could weed out fake Facebook news.  The only “problem” with that extension is that it relies on a list that is manually curated, meaning that if the list isn’t updated and more fake news websites pop up that aren’t on the list, they will slip by the extension’s detection.

Facebook Adds Donate Button To Live Videos And Posts
We’re sure that some of you guys have seen on the TV in the past where people try to raise money for a charity or for a cause live on television. Now it seems that Facebook wants to bring that same functionality to its Facebook Live videos by adding a Donate button to videos and posts.

Facebook Halts WhatsApp Data Sharing In Europe
Back in August, Facebook announced that WhatsApp will soon start to share their data with the social network. Users were given the option to opt out of this, and you might have seen this reminder being shared across your social network and in messages. Now it seems that thanks to the backlash Facebook has gotten, they will be halting data sharing in Europe.

This Chrome Extension Helps Weed Out Fake News On Facebook
So we know that recently there is a lot of fuss surrounding the publishing of news that are deemed to be fake. Google and Facebook have gotten a lot of flack especially considering that some believe that somehow the fake news allowed President-Elect Donald Trump to get where he is today, but that’s a debate for another day.

Facebook Launches Unified Inbox For Facebook, Messenger, Instagram
While Facebook does own Instagram, both apps still exist separately. While there is some integration, for the most part if you did not know, you would not think that Facebook and Instagram were somehow related. A good example would be messages where messages received on Messenger or Instagram would be separate from each other.

Facebook Used By Wildlife Smugglers To Sell Ivory
At the moment one of the problems faced by Facebook right now would be how they handle fake news reports that are published and shared on their platform. However it seems that Facebook might have another issue brewing, and that is with regards to the selling of ivory and rhino horns by wildlife smugglers.

Visabot Is A Chat Bot That Helps You Apply For US Visas
It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook Messenger started to support chat bots. So far we’ve seen it used for all kinds of things, like booking restaurants, flights, and so on. However it seems that there is a new bot in town called Visabot, and as its name implies, this bot will help users apply for visas to the US.

Facebook To Also Ban Websites That Publish Fake News
Facebook has recently admitted that they could have done more to clamp down on fake news being spread on its social network. Recently Google announced that websites found to be publishing fake news would be banned for using its AdSense network, meaning that they’d be cut off from revenue from ads, at least as far as AdSense is concerned.

Facebook Didn't Use Its Fake News Fix Because It Was Too Afraid
A debate has been going on these days regarding the abundance of fake news that’s floating on Facebook. The issue has been highlighted even more so due to the recent presidential elections in the United States and there are theories that perhaps the fake news played a major part in influencing people who ultimately went out to vote in the new president. A new report by Gizmodo claims that Facebook […]

Facebook Messenger Gets Public Chat Groups In ‘Rooms’ Feature
It is clear that Facebook wants more users to use its Messenger app. This is why the company has pretty much killed off any in-app chatting via the Facebook app, thus forcing users to download the Messenger app in the process. Now it seems that we could be looking at a new feature for Messenger called “Rooms”.

Facebook Disables ‘Ethnic Affinity’ Feature For Housing & Job Ads
Last month a report from Propublica revealed that Facebook had a controversial filter for advertisers called “Ethnic affinity”, which basically allowed advertisers to exclude races from ads related to housing and jobs. Facebook at that time defended the filter, claiming that it was common practice in the industry.

For A Brief Moment, Facebook Accidentally ‘Killed’ Everyone
If you logged into Facebook today and started seeing memorial messages for yourself or for your friends, don’t panic because there’s a very good chance that you and your friends are actually still alive. For some reason there was a little glitch that accidentally saw Facebook “kill” everyone you know.

Facebook Agrees It Needs To Do More To Clamp Down On Fake News
Facebook has a fake news problem. It was never intended to become a tool that people could use to spread misinformation but it’s turning into a real problem now so much so that the social media giant agrees that “there’s so much we need to do” in order to clamp down on the spread of false information across Facebook.

Facebook Halts WhatsApp Data Sharing In The UK
Facebook announced WhatsApp data sharing earlier this year, the controversial move allows the cross-platform messaging service to share user data with its parent company, data which can be used for the purposes of advertising. The move wasn’t very well received and has been subject to regulatory scrutiny, particularly in Europe, and the company is having to make adjustments. Facebook has confirmed that it has temporarily suspended WhatsApp data sharing in […]

Sponsored Messages Coming Soon To Facebook Messenger
You will soon start seeing a lot more sponsored messages in Facebook Messenger. The company today announced that it’s opening up the sponsored messages platform to all advertisers, it was previously testing out the platform with a select group of brands and advertisers. This will enable advertisers to reach more people through Messenger and it’s also going to open up a new revenue stream for the company as it looks […]

Facebook For Mobile To Start To Focus More On Video
We know that Facebook has plans to be more than just a social network. There have been talks in the past that Facebook wants to get more into video and potentially create a rival to the likes of YouTube, and it seems that their plan is starting to come together, at least in part, according to a recent Bloomberg article.