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Facebook And Instagram Go Down For Many Users
It’s not common for Facebook to go down but it’s not like this hasn’t happened before. Facebook and Instagram are down for many users this morning, for no apparent reason. Many users have taken to Twitter to confirm that they’re unable to access the social network through the mobile app. They’re also experiencing difficulties in trying to access Instagram.

Facebook Says Russia Ads Made It To Instagram As Well
Facebook has been conducting an investigation to ascertain the scope of the advertising campaigns that were apparently run by companies linked to the Russian government. These campaigns are believed to have been used to spread divided social and political messages in the United States before the presidential election last year. Facebook has revealed that some of those ads were displayed on Instagram as well.

Facebook Will Manually Review Ads Deemed To be Sensitive
In this modern day and age where everyone wants everything done right now, creating automated systems make sense, like setting up a domain name, purchasing hosting space, creating an email account, and so on. However sometimes automated systems can lead to trouble, like with Facebook’s review process of ads on its website.

Instagram Stories Can Now Be Simultaneously Posted To Facebook
When Instagram launched its Stories feature, many called the feature a copycat/rip-off of Snapchat, but the feature proved to be so popular that we’re sure that most people probably don’t care by now. Seeing its success, Facebook then tried to replicate it across its apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp.


Apple Music Extension For Facebook Messenger Now Available
Last year it was announced that Spotify would be integrated with Facebook Messenger in which users will be able to search for songs on Spotify and share it with the person that they’re chatting with. Granted there are plenty of ways of sharing songs, this is one of the options afforded to Messenger users.

Facebook Testing Workplace Chat App For Mac And PCs
It is becoming clear to companies that while communication apps for consumers are popular, there is also a growing need in the enterprise market which is why we’ve seen apps like Slack rise in popularity, and it is also why we’re seeing companies like Microsoft and Facebook launch similar apps.

Facebook Tests Providing Details On Media Sources
Facebook continues to take steps to ensure that the world’s largest social network is not used for the spread of propaganda. The company today confirmed that it’s testing a new way to provide additional context on articles that users see in their News Feed. The feature has been designed to help users make an informed decision about which stories they should trust, read, and share. The feature has been developed […]

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger To Get A New Set Of Emojis
If you’re someone who uses quite a bit of emojis when chatting with friends, then you’ll be interested to learn that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will be getting a new set of emojis that you can check out in the near future, although it seems that based on reports the emojis for either app will be different from each other.

Facebook To Hire 1,000 People To Keep An Eye On Ads
There have been countless reports about how Facebook ads might have been used by the Russians to influence voters in the 2016 presidential election. Many have called on the world’s largest social network to do more in order to deter something like that from happening again. Facebook has now said that it’s going to hire 1,000 people to review ads in order to make sure that they meet its terms […]

Facebook Testing Facial Recognition For Account Recovery
Facial recognition is no longer something that you see in science fiction movies or only in specialized industries. We have smartphones on the market right now that put facial recognition technology into your pocket, look no further than the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung. Apple’s iPhone X that’s due next month also touts this technology. So we’ll see increased use of this technology in the future which […]

Facebook Introduces Blood Donations Feature In India
Facebook is great for connecting people together. It’s great for following bands, actors, and brands that you like, great for getting the latest news and topics that are relevant to you, and now it seems that over in India, Facebook could soon become handy when it comes to increasing blood donations.

Instagram Monthly Users Cross 800 Million
Instagram is marching on its way to become a service that boasts one billion users. The Facebook-owned service today announced that it now has 800 million users across the globe. It has added another 100 million monthly users since April 2017. The figures were shared at an Advertising Week event in New York City by Carolyn Everson, vice president of global marketing solutions at Facebook.

Obama Warned Zuckerberg To Take Fake News Threat 'Seriously'
There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the spread of fake news and disinformation on Facebook influenced the 2016 presidential election. It’s an idea that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has dismissed as being “crazy.” According to a new report, former President Barack Obama told Zuckerberg at one point in time to take the threat of fake news seriously.

Facebook Will Show Ads Based On Stores You Visit
Have you ever come across ads based on searches you’ve done on the web? For example if you were shopping for an item like a camera and you went around checking prices, and not too long after you start seeing ads for cameras on platforms like Facebook. This is done through tracking, which we guess is more or less to be expected while being online.