Facebook Will Be Shutting Its Notify App Down

Late last year, Facebook launched a new app called Notify. For those who are unfamiliar, the app will basically notify you of events and happenings that it thinks you might be interested in. For example it could tell you the weather every morning, or when new movie trailers are out, or when your favorite sports team is about to start playing.

Facebok Testing ‘Use Less Data’ Option In Android App

It’s hard not to blow through your entire mobile data allocation for the month. With so many data-intensive apps and services, one can easily run out of data if just a couple of hours. Many apps and services have tools in place that enable users to conserve data usage when they’re on a cellular connection, and it appears that Facebook is testing something similar for its Android application.

Facebook Wants To Improve Messenger Security

Facebook Messenger has morphed into much more than a standalone app for chatting with your friends. It’s a robust platform which offers a wide variety of features. Naturally, security for users is of paramount important, and it appears that Facebook sees some room for improvement. According to a report, Facebook is looking into ways to make Messenger more secure for its users.

Tenants Forced To ‘Friend’ Their Building’s Facebook Page

Sometimes your apartment might have its own Facebook page. The reason for this? Maybe the building’s management wants to use the Facebook page to announce events, or to announce upcoming maintenance work ahead of time, and so on, but usually tenants are never forced to like the page or accept friend requests.


Facebook’s ‘People You Know’ Helps Lead To Arrest

If you use Facebook, you know that on the side of the site it sometimes shows you “People you know”, which are basically Facebook users whom the website thinks you know based on your work or education background, or the number of mutual friends that you might have. However it turns out that is also has unintended uses.

Shoppable Video Ads Could Be Coming To Facebook Soon

At the moment Facebook already has regular ads that are “shoppable”, which means that users can be taken directly to the product’s page and get ready to purchase it without having to go through multiple layers of the website. Now it looks like those shoppable ads will soon be making its way to video as well.

Microsoft And Facebook To Lay Undersea Cable

There are plenty of cables that run far below the waters, which we do not normally think about simply because we do not see them. These cables are vital to ensure that the world remains in touch with one another, as they send data back and forth round the clock without ever shutting down. Well, it looks like a 4,000 mile undersea cable deal has been announced on Thursday by […]

Skyscanner’s Facebook Messenger Bot Lets You Book Your Next Holiday

If you want to book a hotel or a flight, there are so many ways you can do it. You can do it yourself by visiting a hotel booking website or the airline company’s website. You can also do it via mobile through a dedicated app, or you can always go through a travel agency who will be more than happy to book it on your behalf.

DJI Drones Can Now Start Streaming To Facebook Live

Drone footage is always amazing because it gives us a glimpse at angles and heights that most of us probably wouldn’t be able to capture ourselves. Also because drone footage can be piloted by you, it does bring about a whole new experience. The good news is that if you own a DJI drone, you’ll now be able to share that experience with your Facebook friends.

Facebook Live Lets Users Skip To The ‘Good’ Parts

When we watch videos we typically watch it from start to end, but obviously not every moment is a riveting moment in the video, and the same applies to Facebook Live videos where at the start, the poster might be fumbling around with the camera or launching a lengthy but boring introduction, but because you don’t know what to expect, it’s hard to just skip ahead.

Facebook Live Time Limit Could Soon Be Removed

We’re not sure how many of you guys have actually used Facebook Live, but the platform does have limitations, such as each live broadcast is only allowed to run for a max of 90 minutes. For most of us this is probably more than enough, but for some it might be too short. However it seems that Facebook could be removing the time limit soon.

Facebook Acquires High-Quality VR Audio Company

Facebook has made it pretty clear that it’s serious about virtual reality. It acquired Oculus a couple of years ago to get into the VR hardware game and now it’s improving the software side of things to enable the creation of more immersive and improved virtual reality experiences. Facebook today announced that it has acquired Two Big Ears, a company working on high-quality VR audio.

Lawsuit Alleges That Facebook Has Been Scanning Private Messages

With so many people using Facebook as a social media platform, chances are on more than one occasion, you’ve probably used Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends as well. During your chats, you’ve probably shared your thoughts, photos, and links that you think your friends might enjoy, but as it turns out, Facebook could be enjoying them too.

Facebook Was Blocked In Vietnam Over The Weekend

With social media, everyone is pretty much connected to each other in some way. It also makes it easy to organize events, like inviting people to a gathering like a wedding, a movie, a charity, a blood drive, and so on. It can also be used to help organize protests, which is what citizens in Vietnam did over the weekend, or at least they tried to.