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Facebook Launches ‘Events’ App For iOS
Every now and then Facebook launches a new app to see how well it will do, and whether or not it will be worth keeping around. Some apps have stayed, some have been kicked to the curb, and Facebook’s latest effort comes in the form of Events. In case it wasn’t already obvious, this is an app for events.

People Are Selling Everything From Sex To Baby Hedgehogs On Facebook Marketplace
Facebook launched a new feature earlier this week to facilitate local buying and selling in communities. The feature, called Marketplace, allows users to post an ad for a product or service that they would like to sell. People nearby can see those ads in Marketplace and then decide with the seller on terms and payment, Facebook doesn’t concern itself with any of that, the new feature is actually akin to […]

Facebook Messenger End-To-End Encryption Rolled Out For All Users
Most popular cross-platform messaging services offer end-to-end encryption these days to assure their users that their conversations are transmitted safely and securely. The need to assure users of this feature only became greater after Edward Snowden’s revelations about the government’s electronic spying programs. Facebook Messenger is one such popular messaging service and it has been reported today that end-to-end encryption has now been rolled out to its more than one […]

Facebook Marketplace Launched To Facilitate Local Buying And Selling
Facebook is already used by companies and local businesses to sell their products and services and now the world’s largest social network has launched a new feature to facilitate buying and selling in local communities. The new feature is called Facebook Marketplace which is going to serve as an easy destination for users to discover, buy, and sell items with people in their local community.


Facebook Launches Messenger Lite For Markets With Slow Internet
Not everywhere around the world has fast and stable internet. This is why companies such as Google have launched apps such as YouTube Go which are being aimed at emerging markets where internet might be slow and unstable. Facebook also wants in on the action and has since announced Messenger Lite.

Facebook Messenger May Get Snapchat Stories-Like Feature Soon
It has been rumored time and again that Facebook was quite interested in acquiring Snapchat but a deal was never reached. We’ve seen the company gradually copy some of Snapchat’s features for its own products. Instagram Stories is the most recent example of a Snapchat feature that Facebook took inspiration from. According to a new report, Facebook is now testing a similar feature for the standalone Messenger app that has […]

Facebook At Work Rumored For Release Next Month
In 2014, there were rumors that Facebook was creating a special version of their social networking platform aimed at working professionals. This was later confirmed in 2015 when the new platform dubbed Facebook At Work made its debut where it was undergoing testing, but it seems that it is now ready for primetime.

Facebook To Appeal German Order Against WhatsApp
WhatsApp announced last month that it’s going to share user data with Facebook to improve marketing and ad targeting. Shared data includes last seem time as well as users’ phone numbers. It was a surprising move because when WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, its founder had claimed that nothing would change for users after the acquisition. That’s no longer the case now. WhatsApp has gone back on its word and […]

Germany Wants Facebook To Stop Collecting WhatsApp User Data
Last month WhatsApp decided to put into place a rather controversial policy that would basically collect user data and share it with Facebook. Safe to say that many users weren’t too thrilled about it, although the upside is that this collection of data is opt-in, meaning that if you choose not to share your data, you won’t have to.

Facebook Messenger Now Reminds Friends They Owe You Money
So the other day we reported that Facebook rolled out a new feature to Messenger where it allowed users to create polls so that they could ask their friends questions and get votes to see which answer is the most popular. However it seems that isn’t all because Messenger also has a new feature that reminds your friends that they owe you money, and vice versa.

Live Stream 2016 Presidential Debates On Facebook Courtesy ABC News
It’s election season in the United States and political activities are heating up across the country as both parties have finalized their nominees and are now looking for the ultimate showdown this November. Presidential debates are a glorious tradition of the election cycle and both candidates will soon be going up against each other. If you don’t happen to own a TV rest assured as you will be able to […]

Google Drive Support Finally Comes To
Microsoft has made sharing even easier for people who use its service by adding support for Google Drive. The Outlook for iOS and Android apps already provide Google Drive access to users but Microsoft hadn’t opened up Outlook on the web to this and now it’s finally doing that. This enables Outlook users to attach Google Drive files to emails and even receive or edit files within Outlook.

You Will Be Able To Buy Movie Tickets On Facebook Soon
Many of us discover upcoming movies on Facebook, whether it be a sponsored post or a trailer that one of our friends shared. If we become interested in that movie the next thing we probably do is open up a new tab and see when and where we can buy tickets. Soon, Facebook might eliminate the need to go through this entire step as it’s teaming up with Fandango to […]

Jimmy Kimmel's 2016 Emmys Monologue 360-Degree Video Will Be Available On Facebook
Facebook has done a lot of work over the past few months to make its social network ready for 360-degree photos and videos. It’s now teaming up for content collaborations to bring more 360-degree content to the world’s largest social network. If you’re unable to make it to the 2016 Emmys today fear not as the host Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue video will be posted as a 360-degree video on […]

Woman Sues Parents For Posting Childhood Photos On Facebook
It has been suggested in the past that parents should not be so eager to share photos of their babies and young children on social media. There are a variety of reasons for this, such as privacy, protecting your children from predators, preventing your child’s photo from being used in the wrong way, and so on.

Facebook & Twitter Will Help Weed Out Fake News
Back in the day to get your news, you’d have to rely on more traditional media outlets such as TV, the radio, or the newspaper. These days while those mediums are still viable, we’ve got more options to choose from such as social media, blogs, and so on. However with the advent of technology, it has also allowed people to call themselves journalists and post fake news.

Facebook Messenger Bots Can Now Accept Payments
It hasn’t been long since Facebook launched a bot platform for Messenger. Thousands of bots that help users do a variety of things are now available in Facebook Messenger, and today the company revealed that it’s making them even more useful. Facebook Messenger bots are now capable of accepting payments on their own without having to redirect users to an external website.

Facebook Messenger Gets An American Express Bot
Facebook Messenger now has a proper bot platform which businesses can use to interact with their customers. We’ve already seen airlines, banks, retailers, and other businesses take advantage of this platform and now American Express is jumping in as well. Facebook Messenger now has an official American Express bot which users can take advantage of to access their accounts via the app itself.

Facebook Moments Gets Support For Full-Res Photos
Facebook’s private photo sharing application called Moments has now been updated with a couple of cool features. The app previously only allowed users to share photos with selected Facebook friends but following the update, users can now share a web link to their private albums with everyone, thus enabling even those not in their Facebook network to take a look at those photos. It has also been updated with support […]

Hoax Story Forces Facebook To Drop September 11th Anniversary From Trending Topics
Given that today is the September 11th Anniversary, you would expect to read a lot about it online, and wouldn’t be surprised to see it as on of the topics in Facebook’s Trending section. The Trending feature has already caused a lot of controversy this year which led Facebook to make some major changes into how stories are considered to be Trending. The changes don’t seem to be doing so […]