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Facebook Uses Deep Learning To Make Faster Translations
If you’ve tried translating anything online, you know that sometimes the results are either slow or a inaccurate, although we guess for the most part you should get the gist, but if you wanted something more accurate then it can be rather hit or miss. However that will be changing thanks to Facebook’s efforts.

Facebook UK Purges Thousands Of Fake Profiles
While fake Facebook profiles aren’t new, in recent times we’ve seen how fake profiles are used to spread fake news, which in turn can mislead users and also impact events such as elections. In the recent US Presidential elections, it has been said that fake news had an impact on the outcome.

Austrian Court Says Facebook Must Delete Hate Posts
Trolling and cyberbullying has always existed, but because of how widespread social media has become and how easy it is for something to get picked up on go viral, it’s easy for things to get out of control. Over in Austria, it seems that the courts have decided that the companies who own these social media platforms must take some responsibility for it.

Facebook Premium TV Shows Coming Next Month
According to a new report, Facebook is going to make its move into the premium TV-like show segment next month. The report claims that the Facebook premium TV shows will be available starting mid-June. It may launch two dozen shows initially and has reportedly greenlit multiple shows for production.


Facebook To Combat Video Killings With 3000 Moderators
The Facebook Live platform can be used to live stream from your mobile device no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. So you can live stream the great time you’re having at a concert or your commute to work in the morning. There have been some heartbreaking incidents recently of actual crimes being streamed live on Facebook, they involved brutal murders […]

Facebook Marketplace Gets A Makeover
Launched in the later part of 2016, Facebook Marketplace is basically a section on Facebook that allows users to buy and sell items. Given that Facebook clearly just wants to be more than just a social networking platform, this move hardly came as a surprise. Now if you didn’t really like the way Facebook Marketplace looked, you’ll be pleased to learn that Facebook is giving it an overhaul.

Facebook Testing Out A Store Loyalty Rewards Program
Loyalty cards and programs aren’t new, but it seems that Facebook wants to get in on it. In a report from TechCrunch, it has been revealed that Facebook is testing out a store loyalty program where users can scan a personalized QR code found in the Facebook app to score discounts or bonuses where shopping at stores.

Facebook May Have Targeted Ads To Teens With Low Self-Esteem
Facebook allows advertisers to laser target ads to its billion-plus users to extract the best possible mileage out of their advertising dollars. It also does a lot behind the scenes to ensure that the ads users see are relevant and tailored to their interests. Perhaps the company has taken it a bit too far down under as a new report out of Australia suggests that Facebook has been targeting ads […]

Facebook Creators Can Earn Money From Stolen Videos
Just like YouTube, Facebook has a problem with people stealing original content and reposting it under their own name or own page. This can be a problem for creators who are hoping to earn money through their videos, but not to worry because in Facebook’s bid to transform itself into a more legit video platform, they can come up with a solution.

UK Government Worried About Fake News Ahead Of Elections
Fake news is a huge problem and recently ahead of the elections in France, it seems that the country has been trying to deal with a flood of fake news hitting social media. France isn’t alone in their concerns over fake news because in a report from The Guardian, it turns out that the UK government is just as worried.

Facebook Will Show Fact-Checked Related Articles In News Feed
Facebook launched Related Articles in 2013 to help users discover news articles that they find interesting about the same topic. Currently, these related articles are shown in News Feed after users have read an article. The social network today announced that it’s testing a new version of this feature which will display several links to fact-checked Related Stories underneath the main linked story.

Fake News Is Flooding France Ahead Of Elections
Fake news is a problem because it misleads where it can cause wrong perceptions, although the impact of fake news probably peaked during the US elections where many believed that the amount of fake news making their rounds had impacted the outcome of the elections. Turns out that over in France, they are facing a similar problem as well.

Facebook Expects AR Smartglasses To Go Mainstream In 2022
For a brief moment it seemed that Google Glass and the concept of smartglasses was a failure given that Google shut down the project (the first iteration), and also based on the hostility towards users with smartglasses. However we haven’t seen similar backlash when Snap launched Spectacles which was basically a pair of augmented reality glasses.

Facebook Testing Helicopter Drone That Can Provide Internet Access
In the event of an emergency where infrastructure has been damaged, communication is key and one of the ways we rely on communications these days is through the internet, but if the internet is down, how will that work? Granted there are other means, but Facebook is looking at methods to keep the connection alive.