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Advertisers Can’t Use Facebook’s Reactions For Targeted Ads
Recently Facebook began rolling out their Reactions features on a global scale. For those unfamiliar, basically instead of just providing Likes, Reactions will allow users to express anger, sadness, surprise, and more, thus allowing users to show the appropriate emotion for certain posts. Gone are the days when you had to “Like” a sad post just to acknowledge it.

Islamic State Video Threatened Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey
In this day and age, one is unable to wage a war without having some sort of online propaganda and presence, and the Islamic State knows that. In fact, they have released their fair share of videos online in the past that featured beheadings of their victims, and in the latest video that was purportedly shot by supporters of the Islamic State, that video carried direct threats against Facebook CEO […]

Facebook Explains Why They Didn’t Just Make A ‘Dislike’ Button
Earlier we reported that Facebook’s Reactions had begun their global rollout. There are six different Reactions to choose from, including the standard Like, and the closest thing we have to a dislike would be Angry, or maybe Sad. So the question is, why isn’t there a Dislike button, despite it being one of the more requested features of Facebook?

Facebook Reactions Now Available Worldwide
Last year Facebook announced an upcoming feature called Reactions. Basically instead of being merely able to “Like” a post, Reactions allowed users to express other kinds of emotions. Now earlier this year the company announced that the feature was being rolled out gradually, but the good news is that it looks like it is now open to everyone around the world.


Facebook Reportedly Orders 8,000 Gear VR Headsets From Samsung
During MWC, Samsung and Facebook surprised everyone with an announcement that both companies would be working together on virtual reality. For example Facebook will be making it so that virtual reality content on its platform will load faster for VR devices like the Samsung Gear VR.

Facebook Will Soon Let You Send Happy Birthday Video Messages
Right now Facebook reminds you when it is a friend’s birthday. Usually what happens then is that most people will just write a congratulatory message, or maybe even attach a photo if they’re close enough. However Facebook is upping the birthday game by announcing a new feature that lets users send happy birthday video messages.

Highly Detailed Population Maps Created By ‘Machine Learning’
Facebook is a whole lot more than just poking one another in fun, or perhaps to post up photos of your latest vacation and outing as an effort to ‘market’ yourself. Just in case you were wondering, Facebook’s ‘machine learning’ is well capable of creating highly-detailed population maps as well. The social media giant also claims that the maps will be able to identify buildings and other man-made structures scattered […]

Facebook Confirms Minecraft Coming To Oculus Rift
When Facebook announced that they would be acquiring Oculus VR in 2014, Minecraft’s creator Markus Persson reacted rather negatively by cancelling the Oculus Rift version of the game that was in development. However given that his company, Mojang, was later acquired by Microsoft, it seems that the Redmond company decided that a VR version of Minecraft made sense.

Samsung Gear VR Videos Will Load Faster On Facebook
While Samsung’s flagships have left little to the imagination due to all the leaks and rumors, what surprised many towards the end of Samsung’s presentation was the appearance of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. This was part of Samsung’s announcement in which they revealed that they would be working with Facebook with regards to virtual reality technology.

Facebook Messenger For Android Now Supports Multiple Accounts
Last week we reported that it was hinted that multiple account support for Facebook Messenger could be coming soon, and the good news is that it looks like it has, according to a recent announcement posted by Facebook on its official Messenger page. Unfortunately for now it looks like the feature will only be available for the Android version of Messenger.

Facebook & Twitter Offer Words Of Support To Apple
The debate about encryption is still going on and it seems that many tech companies have since come forward to offer words of support and encouragement to Apple. The latest support comes from both Facebook and Twitter where they have basically said that they support Apple and believes in what the Cupertino company is standing for.

Facebook To Offer Ads In Messenger In 2016 (Rumor)
It looks like Facebook intends to roll out something that is dreaded by many users – advertisements, in its Messenger app, and this particular move is set to happen some time in the first half of 2016. In other words, your days of ad-free Facebook Messenger are numbered, so you might want to take advantage of the soon-to-be “good old days” as much as possible.

Facebook Live Video Streaming Now Open To All
People do want to have the ability to live stream as and when they feel the need to. No wonder apps like Periscope have taken off due to the popularity of this feature. Facebook has been experimenting with this as well, it’s live video streaming feature was previously offered only to public figures and was later opened up to users in the United States. Today, Facebook is opening up this […]

Facebook Opens Up Instant Articles To Everyone
Last year Facebook announced a new feature for mobile called Instant Articles. For those who are unfamiliar with the feature, basically when clicking a link to an article inside Facebook, instead of waiting for the website to load, it will load instantly as the articles have already been preloaded, thus saving users time in the process.