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Hon Hai Could Unveil Firefox OS Device
Right now, the three largest mobile operating system players in the market would obviously be Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 in the distant third, having recently knocked off BlackBerry from its perch. Of course, there are also other minor players such as Tizen that has made its mark in at least one Samsung device so far, and we have also heard of efforts being made concerning a Firefox operating […]

Geeksphone Keon And Peak Firefox OS Smartphones Expected To Go On Sale Tomorrow
Mozilla’s Firefox OS is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, it was initially dubbed as the Boot to Gecko project, before being formally announced as the company’s offering for the global smartphone market. Designed for low-end devices, a preview was shown back at Mobile World Congress on a Dreamfone running this new operating system. Reportedly the first two Firefox OS based smartphones are going on sale tomorrow, developed by a Spanish startup called Geeksphone, […]

Firefox OS Releasing In Five Countries This Summer
Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs was present at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference today and he revealed that Firefox OS is going to be launched in five countries this summer. Initially being called Boot to Gecko project, Firefox OS is Mozilla’s contribution to the mobile OS market. It has been designed for low-end devices. This OS is based on HTML5 and JavaScript. Mozilla’s decision to launch their new OS in these […]

Dreamfone Runs Firefox OS
Mozilla is well known for their Firefox browser, but what about their Firefox mobile operating system? Surely with Windows Phone solidifying its position in the highly competitive mobile operating system market, a relatively new player like Mozilla might just find it rather challenging to break onto the scene convincingly. Well, perhaps the video right after the jump might just change your perspective on things, as Mozilla recently demonstrated their Firefox […]


Sony Xperia E Gets Experimental Firefox OS Software
All right, so the Sony Xperia E is not a flagship smartphone of any sort, but why is it under the spotlight at the moment? Why, the answer is pretty simple – folks over at Sony Mobile has announced that the Sony Xperia E has been made available for developers who want to write apps which run on the Firefox OS platform. The Firefox OS was first announced earlier this […]

LG And Huawei Firefox OS Phones Spotted
So, Sony Mobile did declare their intention to roll out a smartphone that will run on the Firefox OS platform, while carrying the Xperia name which has been the domain of Google’s Android operating system so far. Well, there are other smartphone manufacturers in the market who would not mind to expand their horizons, among them include ZTE, Alcatel, LG and Huawei. It seems that the first image of LG’s […]

Mozilla Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone Announced
Following the previous reports about a Firefox smartphone in the works, here we are with an official announcement from Mozilla. The folks behind the popular free software community unveiled today its Firefox OS developer preview phones. The phones, developed in partnership with Geeksphone and Telefonica, sports a 3.5-inch HVGA multitouch screen, a 3-megapixel camera, and a 1580 mAh battery. Under the hood is a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 processor, a […]

Desktop builds for Firefox OS now available
If you’re excited about Firefox OS and can’t wait to get your hands on it, we’ve got some good news today. One of the developers for the operating system announced yesterday that test builds for the desktop version of Firefox OS are now available. So if you’ve got a computer and you want to test out the functions of the operating system, you can. Web developers can use these desktop […]

75% of Google and Apple apps will be easily ported to Firefox OS
One of the problems encountered when coming up with a new operating system is populating the ecosystem with apps. And Mozilla’s upcoming operating system – Firefox OS might not have to deal with such problems. According to TechRadar, who spoke with the Product and Innovation Director at Telefonica – 75% of all apps in Google Play and the Apple App Store are written in HTML 5, which will make it […]