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How To Disable Flash Player (Major Browsers)
Every now and then, we hear some kind of security vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player that hackers could take advantage of. Websites are now trying to drop flash and move on to HTML5, even YouTube has dropped Flash player. You will find less websites that need flash to work properly, and in the future, the number will just decrease.If you are not big fan of flash player and want to […]

Adobe Flash Player not included with Ice Cream Sandwich
One of the “perks” that Android has over iOS is its ability to run Flash, so much so that the inclusion of Adobe’s Flash Player is more or less expected on Android. Oddly enough that does not seem to be the case with Google’s latest Android build – Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

Adobe Flash Player on Android hits version 10.3
Adobe has just plugged more security holes and introduced additional enhancements to their Adobe Flash Player on the Android platform, bumping the version number up to 10.3 in the process. Amongst the changes as quoted verbatim would include as follows :-Flash Player 10.3 is the newest runtime release of the Open Screen Project that enables uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and video across devices. For a general overview […]

Adobe drops hint of Android 3.1 – and removes it
While we all know that Android Honeycomb won’t stay at version 3.0 forever, Adobe has been the first to drop a hint about the next version of the mobile operating system. It was reported that In the change log of their most recent update for Adobe Flash Player on Android, they state: “Hardware accelerated video presentation (requires Android 3.1)” and “Enhanced browser integration for Honeycomb tablets (requires Android 3.1)”. But […]