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Huawei Confirms Foldable 5G Smartphone For MWC 2019
There has been a lot of talk about foldable smartphones recently. Samsung is going to show one soon, most likely with the Galaxy S10 at its event on February 20. Xiaomi unveiled a cool prototype of its device yesterday while Motorola is believed to be reviving its Razr brand for a foldable device. Don’t count Huawei out, the Chinese giant has confirmed it’s bringing a foldable 5G smartphone to MWC […]

Samsung's Foldable Phone May Be Launched On February 20th
Samsung confirmed last year that it would launch the foldable phone in 2019. According to a new report, the company might be following through on this promise in the near future. The device is reportedly going to be launched on February 20th in San Francisco. This rules out an MWC launch for the device in Barcelona towards the end of next month.

Foldable Samsung Phone May Feature A Triple Rear Camera
Samsung released its first smartphone with a triple camera system at the back in 2018. It did so long after many other manufacturers adopted such systems on their devices. Samsung did get a leg up on them by releasing the very first smartphone with a quad camera at the back. It goes without saying that we’ll be seeing such systems on future Samsung handsets one of which is going to […]

Foldable Galaxy Phone's Price May Be Close To $2,500
Samsung recently confirmed that it will be unveiling its much-rumored foldable smartphone next year. The company did show off the foldable display that will ship with this device at SDC 2018 earlier this month. While it hasn’t revealed anything about pricing and availability at this point in time, reports suggest that it will be a very expensive device. One recent claims that the price might be around $2,500.


Samsung May Preview Foldable Smartphone Next Month
It has been a few years since we have been hearing that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone. The company is yet to release it but at least it has confirmed the handset’s existence. A new report out of South Korea suggests that the company will provide a preview of its foldable smartphone in November.

Samsung's Foldable Smartphone Rumored To Feature Three OLED Panels
The rumors about Samsung’s foldable smartphone just won’t stop. It has been consistently rumored over the past couple of years that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone and the company recently said that it’s only going to launch this device when it’s sure that it’s more than just a gimmick. While Samsung has dropped no such hints, a new rumor claims that Samsung’s foldable smartphone might actually have three […]

Huawei's Foldable Smartphone Might Be Launched This November
Huawei is one of the fastest-growing smartphone vendors on the planet and it certainly has the undisputed leader Samsung in its sights. While it has been rumored for a couple of years that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone, no concrete evidence has surfaced as yet to suggest that an announcement is possible soon. Other manufacturers are reportedly working on their foldable smartphones as well and Huawei is now […]

Foldable Samsung Smartphone Release Now Expected In December 2018
There have been a lot of rumors about a foldable Samsung smartphone but one has yet to materialize. Even though companies like ZTE have already brought this concept to reality, Samsung is yet to launch its foldable smartphone. If a new report is to be believed, the foldable Samsung smartphone may not be released until the end of this year.

ZTE Axon M Available November 1st From AT&T
ZTE recently unveiled its first foldable smartphone and confirmed that the device will be exclusive to AT&T in the United States. Pricing and availability information has now been confirmed for the ZTE Axon M. AT&T is going to start taking orders for the ZTE Axon M from November 1st. Customers will be able to start ordering the handset online starting day after tomorrow.

ZTE Axon M Foldable Smartphone Launch Expected Next Month
We’ve heard rumors about a foldable smartphone for quite some time now, however, those rumors have long been associated with Samsung. While it’s still unclear if and when Samsung will launch its much-rumored foldable smartphone, a new report claims that ZTE is going to launch its Axon M foldable smartphone at an event next month. The device is reportedly going to be a foldable dual-screen smartphone with full HD resolution.

Samsung's Foldable Smartphone May Arrive Before Galaxy Note 8
Once Samsung decided to discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 last year there was speculation about the future of its phablet. Many claimed that the company was going to end the Note lineup altogether but Samsung later confirmed that it’s going to release another Note handset in 2017. It will presumably be called the Galaxy Note 8. Word on the street is that Samsung’s much-rumored foldable smartphone might actually arrive before […]

Microsoft Foldable Smartphone Patent Surfaces
We have been hearing for a very long time that both Samsung and LG are working on foldable smartphones. They are yet to launch such a product and are certainly not the only ones thinking about such smartphones. A new patent application filed by Microsoft has surfaced online revealing that the company has also worked something out about foldable smartphones that can transform into a tablet.

LG's Foldable Smartphone Expected In Q4 2017
It has been rumored time and again that a couple of companies are working on foldable smartphones. Not one has been officially announced or even confirmed up till now but the rumor mill still firmly believes that both Samsung and LG will be coming out with their foldable smartphones later this year. Word on the street is that LG is going to release its foldable smartphone in the final quarter […]

Foldable Samsung Smartphone Release Expected By Q4 2017
It has been consistently rumored for several years now that Samsung is going to release a foldable smartphone at some point in the future. The company has demonstrated its ability to make a foldable display time and again but the foldable smartphone has remained nothing more than a concept. Samsung is now expected to go forward with this plan in 2017 with its foldable smartphone release said to take place […]

Samsung Reportedly Hesitating In Launching Foldable Smartphones
We’ve heard a lot of rumors over the past couple of years that Samsung is working on foldable smartphones to truly set itself apart in the high-end segment. It was said that Samsung was interested in bringing such devices to market as growth in the high-end segment stagnates and it seeks to push through that by offering a unique product. A new report claims Samsung is hesitating in launching its […]

Samsung's Foldable Smartphone Reportedly Arrives In January
It has long been rumored that Samsung has a new smartphone in the pipeline which comes with a foldable display, it will be unlike any other smartphone that the company offers right now. Earlier this month it was reported that foldable smartphones of both LG and Samsung are now in the final stages of development, a new report now claims that the Samsung smartphone with foldable display is likely to arrive […]