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FreedomPop iPhone sleeve gives iPod touch limited phone capabilities
We have seen our fair share of iPod touch accessories in the past that actually enabled the iPod touch to function somewhat like a phone, although most of the time, it was limited to just VoIP calls and the ilk. Well, the FreedomPop is a $99 iPhone sleeve case which claims to transform your 4th generation iPod touch into an iPhone, offering 1GB of free data each month that ought […]

Freedom Pop 4G hotspot case turns iPod Touch into a near-iPhone
Freedom is coming out with a 4G case that practically turns an iPod Touch (gen 4) into an iPhone. It works by having a 4G LTE (Sprint Network, with WiMax and 3G fallback, I’m told) functionality directly in the case, which is also a WIFI hotspot. The iPod can then access the internet over the WiFi connection. Interestingly, Freedom Pop made a name for themselves by coming up with the […]

FreedomPop's 4G hotspot iPhone sleeve now available for pre-order
Remember FreedomPop’s 4G WiMax iPhone sleeve? Well the good news is that if you were looking forward to seeing 4G speeds on your iPhone, you will now be able to pre-order the sleeve for yourself at $99 which also comes with 500MB of free data usage a month. It should be noted that while FreedomPop’s website advertises 1GB of data a month, at least 500MB is guaranteed and there will […]

FreedomPop's iPhone case offers WiMax hotspots wherever you go
Mobile hotspots are great especially if the connection offered is significantly better than what you have, not to mention it will also help reduce the amount of data you’re consuming as far as your data plan is concerned, or if your carrier’s reception is particularly poor in a certain area. In any case, if a mobile hotspot that you can bring with you wherever you go sounds like a good […]