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LG G3 In India Receives Android 5.0 Lollipop Update
The LG G3 is a fairly new handset, and hence it is more or less a no-brainer to figure out that this particular flagship device would be on the receiving end of the latest software updates that are in the pipeline. Having said that, folks over in Europe who are rocking to the LG G3 have already started to enjoy the Android 5.0 Lollipop update, starting with Poland first before […]

Analyst: LG G3 Sales Could Double That Of Its Predecessor
The LG G3 is certainly one high end smartphone that has won over its fair share of fans, never mind the fact that you would have to fork out quite a price to own one of these. One of the obvious signs that a particular device is doing extremely well in the market would be its sales figures – and according to a sales report that was published by The […]

LG Details Major Upgrade For G3's 'Smart Keyboard'
LG formally unveiled its 2014 flagship back in May and the G3 immediately went on sale in South Korea after the announcement. Now the company gears up for a public launch in the U.S. as all four major carriers are going to start shipping G3 units in a few days. Moreover the global launch of LG’s latest and greatest smartphone is underway as well. Following its global roll out the company today […]